Pre SAT Test Dates

When and Where Can You Take the Pre SAT

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a combined effort of College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). As the name stands, it is a preliminary test and hence students can familiarize themselves with the kind of questions they would face in the actual SAT and also identify their academic strengths and weakness through this test. And it is not just that. PSAT offers a chance to gain scholarship, too! This article looks deeply into the pre SAT test dates and centres.

Pre SAT Registration Dates:

The key points with respect to pre SAT registration are as below:

  • This test is administered by high schools and not through test centres
  • Online registration for PSAT is not available
  • Registration to be done at your high school or another high school in your locality
  • Each school chooses only one October test date
  • Contact your high school principal for detailed information on PSAT registration, fees etc.

Pre SAT Test Dates and Fees:

Find below the pre SAT test dates and fees:

  • For 2011, the pre SAT test dates are October 12 and October 15
  • The fee for the 2011 PSAT/NMSQT is $14.
  • Since pre SAT is administered by high schools, they may charge administrative costs in addition to the actual fee
  • Fee waivers are offered to low privileged 11th grade students for enabling them to take the test. Students are requested to contact a high school counsellor for getting more details on the fee waivers.

Home-Schooled Students:

PSAT registration is not difficult for home-schooled students either! All they need to do is to just contact the principal/counsellor of the nearest high school so that the school can make necessary arrangements for PSAT. The pre SAT test dates remain the same as for normal school students. The score reports for the home-schooled students taking PSAT are directly sent to their home address.

School Search: facilitates a school search by entering the school code. An advanced search can be performed by entering school name, city etc. Students can make use of it to find the nearest high school that would conduct the PSAT and also the pre SAT test dates for the school. Suppose a student doesn’t find his school registered for the next PSAT, he can wait and check again, as the schools are allowed to register for the October test throughout the spring and fall.

An important note is that, the appearance of a school in the search doesn’t indicate its ability or willingness to accommodate students from other schools. However, College Board recommends schools to host students from other schools also, if possible. Hence, students who want to take the PSAT in some other school should contact the school and make a request.

If You Missed the Test:

Students who missed to take the PSAT due to unavoidable circumstances are still eligible for the programs of National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). However, the eligibility criteria are fulfilled only when they meet the other requirements to enter the NMSC. These other requirements to be met are available at the NMSC’s website

Students can also request for alternate pre SAT test dates if they have missed to attend the actual PSAT exam. For such requisition, they must write as soon as possible to NMSC, the deadline for which is March 1st that follows the missed PSAT. Request for new pre SAT test dates will be considered only if the letters are postmarked on or before the first of March.

Contact Details:

Students can find the PSAT contact information at and any enquiry on pre SAT test dates and centres can be directed to them.

PSAT is conducted by College Board with the good intention of offering a real test experience to students which would help them understand where much focus is required. Students must therefore take the PSAT test without fail, in order to emerge as well-trained SAT candidates.

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