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How To Best Utilize Printable SAT Practice Tests

One of the best ways to crack the SAT test with a high score is to practice until you are perfect or near perfect. In order to do this, you need to have access to a variety of practice tests. Buying books is an option but an expensive one. Besides, you can practice the questions a few times, after which you probably might remember them. In addition, you need to have a variety of questions available in order to practice different types or questions. This will help you recognize the question format. The Internet is a popular medium or study aid, as it were, that provides you innumerable options to help you prepare for the test. The Internet is a storehouse of information wherein you can find practice SAT test printable version. The following are a few sites where you can find practice SAT test printable version.

  • College Board

    This is the best practice SAT test printable version. The Official SAT site offers you free practice question papers you can download and practice. The site offers you two options to avail the practice tests: an online version and a printed version. To take the test in a printed form, you need to have a SAT Preparation Test Booklet. You can print the test directly or print it from the PDF. After you have attempted the test, you need to download the scoring PDF that contains the answers. You can evaluate your performance on each question type and category, which will help you to focus on the weak areas. The site also allows you to read the detailed explanations of each answer and view a few sample essays. This is the most effective of all practice SAT test printable version because it resembles an actual SAT test. The test includes all the detailed instructions that would face normally when you appear for the test. The first page of the practice SAT test printable version also provides you pointers about how to take the practice test. The practice test includes an answer sheet you can print and use to mark your answers; this provides an actual feel of the test. The answer sheet has a SAT Score Conversion Table that converts your raw scores to scaled scores. In addition, a SAT Writing Composite Score Conversion Table helps you to convert your essay scores. There are sample essays that are explained based on the score received.


    Another site that offers you free practice SAT test in printable form is The site includes the practice SAT test printable version. The practice SAT tests are in PDF form that you can print to use. The practice tests are available for the Verbal section and Math section. The site has a Scoring guide for the practice test, which contains the correct answers and the difficulty level of the answer. The difficulty level is on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the easiest level and 5 being the toughest level. You can calculate your scores and convert them on the score conversion chart. This site also includes general instructions and tips to prepare for the test in addition to the answer sheet. This site is available at:


    This site is especially useful if you want to focus on Math. This site contains practice SAT test printable format of questions in Math only. It includes tests based on each topic of Math; for example, algebra, functions, and variations. This site is available at:

    Practice SAT test that are printable are useful because they provide you a feel of the real test. Practicing a SAT test under test conditions provides ample practice of answering questions. You also learn to read the instructions provided in the answer sheet and circle the answers in the answer sheet so that you avoid any mistakes on the actual day.

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