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The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) I or the SAT Reasoning Test consists of three sections and each of these sections is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. If you wish to seek admission to a college program of your choice, then it is mandatory for you to score high in the SAT. The college admission committees consider the SAT scores of the applicants as a standard benchmark for evaluating their competence in carrying out graduate studies. Therefore, every student who plans to take the SAT aims to score high in order to fulfill his aspirations. It is a different matter altogether that some students work hard to achieve the perfect score on SAT while others are not able to earn the perfect SAT score due to lack of adequate preparation for taking the SAT.

The Quest for the Perfect SAT Score

Students taking the SAT cannot ignore the fact that they are pitted against other students who are trying their level best to get admissions to the same college programs. Therefore, all students aim for scoring the perfect score on SAT. In order to find out the easiest method for earning the perfect score, SAT test-takers leave no stone unturned. They go through all available materials on tips and tricks for getting the perfect score on SAT. Such materials are readily available in the form of study guides and web sites on the internet. There are a number of web sites on the internet that will guide you in your quest for the perfect SAT score.

However, irrespective of the importance attached to a perfect score, SAT test-takers should not ignore the fact that it is always better to pay attention to your preparation for the SAT rather than wasting time in looking around for the score which can be termed as the perfect SAT score. If you have been religiously carrying out your preparation for the SAT with adequate use of guidance and study materials, then it is evident that you will get a good SAT score. Therefore, in their bid to find out the perfect score, SAT test-takers should not overlook the groundwork required for achieving that particular perfect SAT score.

Who defines the Perfect Score on SAT?

Quite contrary to popular belief regarding SAT scores that can be termed as perfect SAT scores; the truth is that there is no such score as the perfect SAT score. There is no organization or institution that has specifically defined a particular SAT score as the perfect SAT score. Whether a SAT score is good or not is determined by the cut off level of SAT scores considered by the college of your choice. Another thing to be kept in mind is that this cut off level of SAT scores for admissions to each college keeps varying annually. This is because the cut off value is dependant on the number of seats available for a particular college program and the SAT scores achieved by the students who have applied for admissions. Moreover, as the number of students taking the SAT is increasing every year, there is no definite SAT score that can be labeled as a perfect SAT score. Every year there is a fresh lot of students taking the SAT including some taking it for the second time. Therefore, the average SAT score varies from year to year.

The Perfect Score in SAT that can be Achieved

There is no exact definition of a perfect score that SAT test-takers can achieve. Do not earmark a particular SAT score as a perfect SAT score and do not aim for achieving that only. However, you can definitely identify a perfect SAT score with respect to the requirements of the colleges of your choice and then you can work towards scoring higher than the perfect SAT score that you have set for yourself. It is always better to aim for the best rather than settling down for the second best. In case you feel that you will not be able to carry out your preparation for the SAT without an aim in the form of a perfect SAT score, then the information given in the following paragraph will be useful for you.

A score of about 500 in each of the SAT sections is considered to be the average SAT score. In other words a total of about 1500 would amount to the 50th percentile and this score will be able to help you secure admission to most of the state colleges and universities in the US. So, if your aim is to get admission to such a college or university, then the perfect score on SAT for you would be at least 500 in each of the sections.

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