Official SAT Test Website

Official SAT Test Website and Its Features

SAT is a tool designed and utilized by College Board to assess how well a student is prepared for college and hence acts as a bridge between talented and hardworking students and colleges. It is very essential for the SAT aspirants to have an authentic resource that would provide up-to-date information on the SAT registration procedures, test schedule, test pattern and any recent changes made to the exam. For this reason, College Board has launched the official SAT test website. In this article, let us explore the official SAT test website and discuss its features.

Home Page:

With quick links to access important SAT topics like ‘Practice’, ‘Register’, ‘Scores’, ‘About the Tests’, the home page of the official SAT test website is colourful and captivating. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Signing up and registering for the exam is just a click away
  • Free sample SAT questions, free full SAT practice test, official SAT online course
  • Provisions for online purchase of the official SAT study guide
  • Important information such as test day checklist, test day simulation and various tips on SAT skills improvement
  • Information on changing the test date or centre, special circumstances under SAT exam
  • Very useful ‘help’ link that includes a set of questions and answers on SAT

Having given a brief introduction to the home page of the official SAT website, let us now look into some of the important links within the official site.

About SAT :

The about-tests link of the official SAT test website provides information on what the SAT test is all about and also explains the history, significance and benefits of SAT exam. FAQs about the SAT are at

SAT Registration:

This official SAT registration page gives detailed information on the SAT test dates, how to register, fees, registration changes etc. As part of SAT test registration, students must know the test centres for which a code search must be performed at Complete SAT test registration guidelines are at Going through this link and understanding the instructions before registration is very essential for any SAT candidate. SAT test dates and registration details for special circumstances are available at

Practice for SAT:

The practice section of the official SAT test website offers free SAT practice questions for all the SAT segments – reading, writing and math. With the help of this official SAT test website, students can even come up with a customised SAT study plan.

Highly beneficial tips for each SAT section are presented in the following links:

Hence, with the help of the official SAT test website, preparation and practice are made very easy.


This link describes how the SAT is scored and also gives detailed information on SAT score availability, understanding your score, sending SAT results to colleges, universities and scholarship programs. Guidelines for retaking the test are also mentioned in this link.

Contact Details:

College Board SAT Program can be contacted by e-mail, phone or mail. The contact information is at

The important feature of the official SAT test website is that it is genuine and valid. It is extremely useful because it contains any information that a SAT aspirant would want to know. This site is not only appealing to the eyes, but also to the mind and it acts as a one stop solution for all SAT needs. No wonder, it acts as an ultimate destination for all SAT needs. Students therefore ought to make use of the official SAT test website to the maximum and scale up their grades in the exam.

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