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Where Can You See Your SAT Scores?

Appearing for an exam can never be devoid of the sense of urgency and excitement of receiving the exam results or scores. This sense is often accompanied with a surge of impatience and anxiety. Nothing is different in the case of SAT aspirants as well, but like it or not, an inevitable wait of 5 weeks is unavoidable to receive the final SAT scores. Although, a part of the score is available online three weeks after you have appeared for the SAT, but these SAT scores may not be complete and you may have to log in a few weeks later to receive the final score report.

The College Board

The College Board, a not-for-profit organization in the United States conducts and administers the SAT exam with the help of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Any senior-school student who wishes to enter an under-graduate university program needs to appear for the SAT or ACT exam. The score from the exam taken, along with the GPA and overall school performance of the aspirant then become the basis on which he receives an entry into a university under-graduate program. The SAT, which is administered 7 times a year, is often taken by students in their senior year summer-break as a practice test maybe and then finally one more time, once they finish school. Aspirants have an option of having their SAT scores sent to a number of universities, when they register for the SAT exam.

Check Scores Online

Once you plan to appear for the SAT, for which you obviously have to register with the College Board, you get access to a host of information from the SAT official website , which is the No. 1 go-to website for any SAT aspirant. If you are wondering about your SAT scores after having appeared for the SAT, then be assured that if you have an active online account with the College Board, you can see your SAT scores in your account, made available to you through ‘My SAT Online Score Report’. Once the SAT scores are released online (which is usually three weeks after the test has been taken), they will be available in the My Organizer section, which will send out alerts to the aspirant on how to go about viewing the score, but the aspirant should be aware that these may not be the complete final scores, and for those he will have to wait a while longer. Final SAT scores are made available to aspirants 5 weeks after the test is administered and in an effort to reduce their carbon foot print and save trees, the College Board gives access to an online test score report for aspirants to sign in and view their SAT scores at . Nevertheless, the students who register by mail receive their score reports via mail, as they do not possess an online account (an option they can exercise if they desire) with the College Board.

Understanding your Score

Every component of the SAT is graded on a scale of 200-800 and the final score is out of 2400 and sub scores for essay-writing ranging from 2-12 and Multiple-choice questions on a scale of 20-80. The final SAT scores consist of individual scores of the three components, the total percentile and the sub-scores. The official SAT website has an entire section devoted to help aspirants understand their test report. It can be seen at . There is also an interactive option open for aspirants to help them out with their online test report viewing and deciphering what the scores mean. Aspirants can take an online tour to get an overview of the online score report at . Aspirants can also keep a track of upcoming exam dates and score delivery dates to stay abreast.

The College Board website is a great boon to SAT test takers not only for its comprehensive coverage of the entire exam –taking process, preparation, results and application procedures to universities, but also because it is highly interactive and allows aspirants to pose questions regarding their SAT scores, applications, scholarships, funding, test dates so on and so forth.

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