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What Is the SAT?

The SAT is a competitive exam which is administered worldwide as a standardized test for admissions in colleges and educational institutions. The test occurs for seven times in the US and us territories and six times in international locations. Information about this exam would open up a world of opportunities to realize your goals and concentrate your career plan towards one particular aim. The SAT is an exam, which evaluates a student’s knowledge in Critical Reading, Math and Writing. These three aspects of the test-taker determine the college-readiness of the test-taker.

The college-readiness of the test-taker is one important criterion for handling the tough college courses and higher studies. An important point about the exam is that colleges accept the SAT score as it lets the admission officers to fairly compare an applicant, when coupled with the applicant’s GPAs and high school transcripts. In the following headings, let us find more  regarding SAT.

How Many Sections Does the SAT Have?

SAT test contains three sections. These three sections are Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. There are three sections each for Critical Reading, Math and Writing. There is also one variable section, relating to Critical Reading, Math or Writing. Therefore, the whole test is divided into ten sub-sections. The in-depth info on SAT sections is given below.

What Are the SAT Test Sections?

Information about SAT sections refers to the description of the three SAT sections. These three sections include the Critical Reading section, the Math section and the Writing section. Following are the details on SAT sections:

  1. Critical Reading Section:

    Passage based questions and sentence completion are the two types of question given in this section. The test-taker is examined upon his skills in detecting the main and supporting ideas of the passage and comprehending the real purpose of the author. In addition, the test-taker is also evaluated for getting the meaning of words in context and assesses the functions and construction of sentences.

  2. Mathematics Section:

    The Mathematics questions ask the test-takers to use their basic mathematical skills and make use of their interpretive skills for studying tables, charts and graphs. The four most important bases, which are tested, are: Numbers and operation; Algebra and functions; geometry and measurement and data analysis, statistics and probability.

  3. Writing Section:

    The Writing section of the test requires the test-taker to distinguish sentence errors, improve sentences, paragraphs and take the best course to write an essay response. The test-taker have to make out the exact faults of grammar in a sentence, know the usage of the Standard Written English, edit and revise sentences and categorize and develop paragraphs.

  4. Variable section:

    This is an un-scored section which can deal with the Critical Reading, Math or Writing section. It does not account to the final score of the test but it tries to ensure the comparability of SAT scores with earlier edition of the test.

What Are the Question Formats?

This info about SAT pertains to the question types of the test. The test contains the following types of questions:

  1. Multiple Choice questions:
  2. The SAT contains a major chunk of multiple-choice questions. The Mathematics section and the Writing section contain multiple-choice questions.

  3. Sentence Completion questions:
  4. The Critical Reading section contains the sentence completion questions. In this type of questions, there will be sentence with one or more blanks. The test-taker will have to select the word, out of the options given, which best fills up these blanks.

  5. Student Produced Responses:
  6. This type of questions appears in the Math section. There will be no options given to this question type. The test-taker has to generate his own answer to the question and write it in a special grid. The answer can be a fraction, a decimal or a whole number.

  7. Multiple choice writing questions:
    • Improving sentences: a sentence is presented in which part or all of the sentence is underlined, followed by options which best replace the underlined part/parts
    • Identifying sentence errors: a sentence is presented which is has four of its parts underlined. The test-taker has to select the option which represents the underlined portion having a grammatical or usage error.
    • Improving paragraphs: a paragraph is presented and questions relating to the paragraphs are given. The question might ask the student to rephrase particular sections of the paragraph or comment on the organization and development of the paragraph. 

The above discussion gives us the basics of SAT. You should know about proper techniques to study for the test and attend preparatory courses for better preparation. Practice more and know more about the test at the College Board website.