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How much do you know about i SAT Test?

The i SAT Test measures the college-readiness of an individual and checks the individual’s skills in critical reading, mathematics and writing. The i SAT Test is a worldwide competitive exam, which is administered in a computer-adaptive format by the College Board. The i SAT Test is offered seven times in a year in the United States and six times a year in International testing centers. You can register for i SAT Test either through mail, phone or online. Once you are registered, you will get all the required articles for your test on the test center. For preparation for the test, you can avail the list of SAT downloads, which are available from the College Board website. You should consult the College Board website for SAT for the important test date and the deadlines of registration. After the test, the College Board will automatically send your scores to four institutions and colleges of your choice.

What are the sections of i SAT Test?

The i SAT Test consists of ten sections, which are based on critical reading, mathematics and writing. In the following sub-sections, let us breakdown the parts of the SAT test. Let us discuss the duration of the test, the test sections and the question types in each of the sections.


There are ten sections in the i SAT Test. There are three sections each for Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. There is only one Variable section, which is an un-scored section for Critical Reading, Mathematics or Writing.

What each of the SAT sections contain:

The SAT test consists of ten sections, which evaluate your knowledge of high school education and your capability to execute this knowledge in practical cases. Following are the areas where your knowledge is tested-

  1. Critical reading: this section evaluates your ability to detect the ideas and issues reflected in passages, ascertain the meanings of words and comprehend the structure and functions of sentences.
  2. Mathematics: number operation, algebra, geometry and measurement, data interpretation, statistic and probability are the subject matters of this section.
  3. Writing: you will be asked to write an essay based on a given prompt. You have to redress sentence errors select the correct version of a piece of writing and amend paragraphs.

Question types:

The Critical Reading section has sentence completion and passage-based comprehension questions, which are given as multiple-choice questions, the Mathematics section consists of the multiple-choice question and student-produced responses, the Writing section consists of an essay question and multiple-choice question and lastly, the variable section has the multiple-choice questions.


The i SAT Test lasts for three hours and forty-five minutes. The Critical Reading section has 70 minutes, the Mathematics section has 70 minutes, the Writing section has 60 minutes, and lastly, the variable section is of twenty-five minutes.

How are scores reported for i SAT Test?

The scores are reported after five weeks of the date of i SAT Test and it is updated in the online account you make after registration. One mark is awarded for each of the multiple-choice question you answer while ¼ marks is subtracted for the questions incorrectly answered and no point will be eliminated for omitted questions. The marks you lost for the incorrectly answered questions will be subtracted from the total marks you got for the correctly answered questions. Your score will be calculated based on average scores, which compare your score with the most recent scores of a particular graduating class. Accuracy of scoring for i SAT Test assures that you get your deserving score.

More on i SAT Test:

The i SAT Test provides a reliable platform to measure the college readiness of the test takers. The i SAT Test is designed to reflect on a standardized educational standard. Nearly 50-60 percent of the test takers answer all the questions correctly, while nearly 80 percent finishes the test and the majority of test takers complete a minimum of 75 percent of the i SAT Test. These estimates show the difficulty level of i SAT Test. You can cancel the scores and send only those scores you prefer to send for college application. Finally, for a better score in SAT, you should practice more of the practice tests to get a grip of the i SAT Test.

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