How to Prepare for SAT Exam

Different Options for SAT Preparation

Competitive exams make applicants study hard for them, more so because the scores received would then decide their futures. Colleges lay high importance on good scores and accept only those applicants who match their cut off percentage/marks. It therefore becomes terribly crucial for applicants to perform well on the SAT and for this they need to know how to prepare for SAT exam.

But before an applicant starts SAT prep, there are a few things that he must consider like time required for preparation, which test date to select and finally how to prepare for SAT exam. There are different ways of doing that and the applicant needs to realise what works best for him; self-study, private coaching, offline or online classes. Listed below are a few ways of how to prepare for SAT exam and applicants can read and benefit from all/some of the ways mentioned.

  1. Offline Courses

    Test prep companies like Kaplan, Elite Prep and Princeton Review hold offline classes in many states of the US for applicants looking to take them and prepare for the SAT. The offline classes often include study materials, customised study plans, regular checks on learning and performance on tests and a range of practice/simulated tests for the applicants. Applicants have the option of taking them over an entire year, a few months or just a few weeks. Conducted both on weekdays and weekends, applicants can choose which batch suits their needs and time best and join accordingly. Private tutoring for applicants is also available with these SAT prep companies, although these are priced very high. Most of these courses range from sessions of 15 hours to about 45 hours spread over a few weeks of prep with prices that range from $500 to $5000.

  2. Online Courses

    A popular choice with many applicants is to opt for an online course and this is probably an economical way out when planning how to prepare for SAT exam. The official Online SAT course by the College Board website for just under $70 is a good way to start if you are looking for an online course to prepare from. Having around 18 interactive lessons, 10 full-length tests and over 600+ practice questions, this online course is quite worth its money. If applicants are looking for an option where they do not have to shell out any money, then the SAT Exam Prep website is just the place to go. It offers the only free SAT prep online course and many believe it is worth a try.

  3. Self –Study with Study Material

    Many a times, applicants are not comfortable with the idea of going to another set of classes after their school classes. Balancing so many classes becomes tiresome and time-consuming for them. Self-study with test material and prep guides is apt for such applicants. The College Board publishes the Official SAT Study Guide for applicants and many consider this Blue book the bible of ‘how to prepare for SAT exam’. Applicants can also download and learn from the podcasts and video casts available online, and fill in their free time with this light-hearted yet relevant practice method. Free practice tests, challenging games and puzzles to improve vocabulary and joining forums and groups are other interesting methods of self-study for SAT.

Last but not the least, no matter what method you use, always remember to follow a schedule and stick to it. You should consider studying at least 4 months before the SAT exam and have quality prep materials either purchased/downloaded online from a bookstore/library. Any competitive exam requires had work and focused prep. Just keep these in mind and you will know exactly how to prepare for SAT exam.

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