How to Apply for SAT Test

SAT Application Process

The College Board website contains all the details about how to apply for SAT. The link to the College Board website is:

All students who plan to appear for the SAT test must register at the above mentioned website in order to appear for the test. In order to avoid any last minute issues regarding test centers, seat availability, and so on, make sure that you register for the test well in advance. This article provides you with information about the methods to apply for the test.

You can apply for the SAT test using any of the following methods:

  • Mail Registration
  • Online Registration
  • Phone registration

Applying by Mail

The website includes details about how to apply for SAT test by mail. You must have the SAT Paper Registration Guide in order to apply for the test by mail. The guide also includes instructions about registration for the test. You can buy the guide from your school counselor’s office. The guide includes a registration form and a return-mailing envelope. In order to fill up the form, you will need to look up information such as code numbers for courses, colleges, scholarship programs, and test centers on the College Board website. Applying by mail is a time consuming process but is a must in the following cases:

  • If you are younger than 13 years
  • If you want to request for a test center near you
  • If you are from a country that has no testing facilities
  • If you want to request for a Sunday test

However, you must use this form of application only when you have enough time to register and receive your admission ticket. In case the duration between the test date and the application date is short, it is best to opt for online registration so that you receive your admission ticket immediately.

Applying Online

To apply online, you need to sign in or sign up on the College Board website. The website includes information about registration for SAT. After signing up on the website, you can log in and click the “Register” or “Register Now” link. You must then fill in your credentials as you want it to appear in the admission ticket. Remember, the credentials you enter for the admission ticket must match the photo ID you will carry to the test center. After entering all the details, you must pay online to complete the registration process.

Applying online is the easiest and the most prompt way to register for SAT, receive your scores, send your scores to colleges, and apply for scholarships/financial aid at colleges. Applying online is a more accurate process because you can check all the details online, and make corrections if necessary. Your registration is confirmed immediately and you can check details such as your test center and seat allocation. You can also receive your admission tickets by email or on the Web by mentioning your email address on the form and taking a printout thereafter.

Phone Registration

The website also includes information about application for SAT by phone. This option is available only for those students who are already registered in the system. Students who have appeared for the test earlier are already registered and hence only need to pay the fee for the test.

After you register for the test, you will receive the requisite admission ticket that will allow you entry to the test center. Make sure you carry this ticket with you to the test center along with the other necessary things, such as photo ID, pencils, snack, and so on.