How long is the SAT test?

Understand the duration of each section and time yourself

How long is the SAT test? The total time allotted to SAT test is three hours and forty five minutes. This test comprises Critical Reading section, Math section, and Writing section. This exam not only measures the general skills of students but also measures the specific skills of students by taking tests in twenty subject areas. The information provided below discusses the time allotted to major test sections of SAT exam. This time allotment depends on ‘How long is the SAT test?’

How Long Is The SAT Critical Reading Section?

This section comprises a total of sixty seven questions out of which forty eight questions are from Passage-based reading and nineteen questions are from Sentence Completion subsection. The total time allotted to the Critical Reading section is seventy minutes.

How Long Is The SAT Math Section?

This section entails multiple choice questions and questions based on student produced responses. Forty four questions are multiple choice types whereas ten questions are student produced responses. Thus, a total of fifty four questions are asked in Math section for which the total time allotted is seventy minutes.

How Long Is The SAT Writing Section?

This section entails improving sentences, improving paragraphs, identifying sentence errors and an essay. Eighteen questions are from improving sentences, six questions are from improving paragraphs, eighteen questions are from identifying sentence errors, and one from essay subsection. The total time allotted to this section is sixty minutes.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests constitute subjects i.e. English literature, History, Science, Mathematics and Language. The total time allotted to English, Mathematics, Science, History and languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Latin) is sixty minutes. All subjects’ tests have multiple-choice questions.

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How to Manage your Time While Going Through the Test

While managing your time throughout the test sections you should always keep in mind ‘How long is the SAT test?’ Given below are the tips to be followed to manage your time during the test:

  • Before answering questions you should carefully read the instructions given in the test booklet.
  • Out of the three major sections of SAT exam you should first focus on the section which you find the easiest.
  • A student should allocate total time among the major test sections keeping in mind ‘how long is the SAT test?’

Critical Reading Section:

  • You should first start with the Sentence Completion questions as they take up lesser time to answer as compared to the Passage-based reading subsection.
  • Regarding Sentence Completion questions, you should work on easy questions first, move on to medium questions and finally approach the hard questions.
  • While working on passage-based reading you should complete one passage and then move on to the next passage. This helps you to concentrate on one passage.

Math Section:

  • It’s good to memorize math formulas although, they are already given in the test booklet, but referring to those formulas frequently while solving questions will consume more time.
  • You should solve difficult math problems by drawing sketches while reading the questions. This helps in comprehending the difficult questions in lesser time.
  • You should take help of paper for solving math questions. If you imagine solution just in head, you will not reach a viable solution for a question.
  • You should eliminate the choices which seem clearly incorrect and concentrate on those choices which seem correct.
  • While solving problems of mathematics level 1 and mathematics level 2 it’s better to use calculator for accurate and speedy work.

Writing Section:

  • You should concentrate and thoroughly read the essay excerpts to write your own viewpoint based on the excerpt. While writing the essay you should keep in mind the time allotted for this subsection.


Time management is one of the most important factors which need to be taken care of while taking the SAT exam. Before taking this exam the first question which arises in a student’s mind is ‘How long is the SAT test?’ Besides, you must know the types and number of questions, and the tips to manage your time during the test.

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