High School SAT Test

How is SAT Related to High School Admission?

SAT is an entrance test created, organized, and published by the College Board that is located in the United States of America. The College Board is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1900 as the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). It is estimated to comprise more than 5900 universities and institutions. The SAT is attempted mostly by students of high school, both from the senior and junior grades. High school SAT Test is a common platform for assessment of high school students for the admission processes of various American colleges. There is another alternative test to high school SAT test known as ACT (abbreviation for American College Testing). There are many skeptical discussions about which one is better, but both the tests are well preferred and have their considerable share of interest in the market.

How is SAT Related to College Admissions?

The high school SAT test (otherwise referred to as the SAT Reasoning Test) is a three-hour and forty-five-minute test which consists of three separately timed sections which collectively test your aptitude skills and English language proficiency. The SAT is evaluated on a scale of 600-2400. Based upon the scores you secure, you can apply for the admission review process of any particular college or university. Usually, colleges set a cut-off SAT test score achieving which will only make you eligible to apply for that particular college. After you apply by sending your high school SAT test scores, you will be considered for their admission review process. Furthermore, there are 20 SAT Subject Tests apart from the high school SAT test that are administered as one-hour timed tests which test you in a particular subject of your choice. Many universities mandatorily ask you to submit your SAT Subject Test scores.

Influence of SAT upon the students

The high school SAT test has had much influence upon the students worldwide. Students who wish to crack the SAT prepare for the test vigorously by investing in many hours of effort to score high. Students from the sixth grade are even reportedly preparing for the SAT very vigorously. Many research scientists and psychologists say that the stress upon the students while they prepare for SAT is high. The College Board as well the ETS claim that SAT is a true test of intelligence. However, many research scientists do not follow this notion. There had been many propositions that the College Board ban the SAT, but the number of people who support SAT has obviously outnumbered the ones who oppose SAT. The fact that SAT is no longer called as Scholastic Aptitude Test can be accredited to the skeptical discussions regarding the meaning of the word aptitude in the SAT.

Influence of SAT on the High School Admissions

High school SAT test has much influence on the high school admission too. Many students prefer to go to high schools that can provide them the extra edge that would help them crack SAT. This way, they could save the amounts and time that need to be invested in the preparation for high school SAT test by attending some coaching institute or any SAT prep course.

SAT Score acceptance by Different Colleges

Different colleges and universities across the US follow different procedures for their admission processes. For applying for almost all the SAT participating universities, the SAT Reasoning Test score is mandatory. Along with that, depending upon the university, you will be required to submit your SAT Subject Test scores. You may be required to submit either two or three or even more sometimes. The SAT Subject test scores you will have to submit depends upon the course you wish to apply for.

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