Good SAT Score

A good SAT score is a measure of a student's ability to do well in the college. Every college has its own basis to decide what is a good SAT score. Various colleges have different score range to judge the candidates. Actually good SAT scores are not the only factor in the college admissions. Usually, colleges consider your SAT scores as well as your high school grades, your class work and your projects. College administrations compare your scores with the scores of other students. Good SAT scores help you in getting admissions in college of your choice and also place you in a good course. Your SAT score reports display scores of the three sections, subject test scores(if you have taken it), composite scores and SAT percentile for each section and a total percentile. Colleges consider all of this information to decide your strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. This information helps them to decide on the placement of students in different courses. In fact if you are not satisfied with your SAT scores, you can also retake SAT to get a good SAT score. SAT score reports displays your current scores of SAT as well as your SAT scores from the previous SAT which you have taken. Many colleges take best of your scores in each section and then make their own total. It is always good to know the average SAT score of students at your preferred college, you can prepare for the test to beat that goal.

Good SAT scores also help you in getting financial help for your college studies. You can apply for scholarships and loans if you have a good SAT score. If you are planning to get the scholarships, then a score more than 2000 would be considered a good score for SAT. These days many employers, who are seeking high schools graduates to work for them, also demand for a good SAT score.

SAT Percentile

Colleges and universities compare your SAT scores with the scores of students from different schools in the country. They use your SAT scores to validate your high school grades and to know the difficulty level of your high school courses. They take the help of the SAT percentile. Percentile is the percentage of students who have scored lower than you in SAT. SAT percentiles give you a good idea about what is a good SAT score. So along with a good score for SAT, you also need a high percentile. It is very important to know the relation between a good SAT score and a percentile. If you have a high SAT score but a low percentile, then your as compared to other students, your position is weak. Your percentile is an approximate reflection of your performance in SAT. You get percentile for your subject tests also. The subject test percentile also gives you an idea about your strength and weakness in a particular subject and you can select your major subject in the college on its basis.

Your SAT scores are directly sent to the colleges which you have chosen at the time of registration. It takes approximately five weeks for the whole process. You can view you scores on the web site three weeks after the test date.

You should not overlook the importance of a good SAT score while planning to get admission in a college, high in demand. You should start your preparations keeping your aim in mind. To get a good SAT score, you can join a preparation classes or online preparation course.

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