Good SAT Test Scores

SAT college exam is administered by College Board organization and conducted, published and scored by ETS which is a non profit organization. This test is required by students to get admissions in colleges in US. SAT is a test which measures your skills which are required in the college for success. SAT measures the analyzing and problem solving ability of the students which they have acquired in the high school. Good SAT scores help you to get admission in a good college and a good course of your choice.

Good Score On The New SAT

There have been a lot of changes made in SAT in March 2005. New SAT consists of two tests SAT I and SAT II. SAT I is SAT reasoning test and SAT II is subject tests. SAT II is an optional test. A student can take maximum of three subject tests on a given test date. It is very difficult to decide what is a good score on the new SAT. Actually, Good SAT scores vary from college to college. Every college has its own particular way to handle scores in the new SAT. Therefore, you should collect the information about what is a good score on the new SAT for the colleges you are interested in. Most of the colleges publish the average SAT scores of the students who got admission in their colleges on their web sites. Usually, most of the colleges consider your high school grades, your class work, and your projects also along with good SAT scores. All these things play an important role in the admission process. Good SAT scores definitely increase your chance of getting admission in a better college and course.

Scoring of SAT

SAT reasoning test has three sections. Three sections are critical reading, mathematics and writing. All the three sections are scored on a scale of 200-800. Total marks for the SAT reasoning test are 2400. Critical reading and mathematic sections consists of multiple choice questions. Raw scores of these sections are calculated first and then converted on the scale of 200 -800.. There is one mark for every correct answer and on fourth mark is subtracted for one wrong answer. Writing section is further divided into two subsections: multiple choice section and essay writing section. Multiple section is scored on a scale of 20-80 and essay is scored on a scale of 2-12. Then these scores are also converted to the scale of 200-800. Detailed information of SAT test and its scoring pattern is available on the official web site of SAT The highest score of SAT is 2400 which is very difficult to score. The average SAT score is usually around 1500. So any score above the average score would be considered a good score on the new SAT. Every student might have different idea of good SAT scores. Good SAT scores depend on the course and college you are interested in. A high SAT score is expected in a reputed college. Within a college or university also demand of a high SAT score can be different for different courses. So you cannot define exactly what is a good SAT score. A good SAT score is relative term. There might be few colleges which do not give much importance to SAT scores and few other colleges might expect a good SAT score.

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