Elite Educational Institute: SAT Prep

Intensive SAT Prep by Elite Educational Institute

Part of every student’s academic life, is exam preparation. It maybe for college admissions, graduate school admissions, exams or test preparations. The Elite Educational Institute is one of the many institutes that help students with exam prep, college admissions and more. Based in California, United States and with over 28 branches worldwide, Elite has been in the business of achieving academic excellence for over 20 years. It offers students from grade 3 to 12, a range of educational programs to help them develop and sharpen critical academic skills which would then help them attain academic success, whether it is college admissions, acing standardized tests or performing exceptionally well at school/college.

Of the many programs offered by Elite, their Elite test preparation boasts of outstanding results. Developing the candidate’s writing, math, and critical reading skills to ensure self-confidence and improved scores for standardized tests, Elite has programs like, Regular SAT Program, SAT Boot camp, Sat 2100 Goal (part of the Intensive SAT Programs)and SAT Subject Tests preparation.

Elite SAT Prep

With customized classes, small groups in class study and parental involvement as part of their academic philosophy, Elite offers students a degree of attention and academic supervision unmatched by other schools. Elite Educational Institute’s Elite test preparation has a range of  programs to choose from, depending upon the student’s needs. Elite boasts of top-level faculty who take great care to customize classes according to the students’ needs. Their ‘Regular SAT Program’ is the most popular of the Elite programs and is offered all year-round. Students sign up for a 4-week period for writing, critical reading, math and practical test classes which meet weekly. Students can continue with this program for as long as they wish. As part of the Regular SAT Program, there is also a summer course of 8 weeks, for which students can enrol. See this information at http://www.eliteprep.com/programs.

Intensive SAT Prep

As the name suggests, the Intensive test Preparation as part of the Elite test programs, offers students, willing to put in that extra bit of effort during their holidays, an intensive study period and homework to help improve their score. Held during academic holidays in the summer, spring and winter, students can surely make the extra effort with the help of this preparation program. As part of the intensive preparation programs are ‘Summer Boot Camp’ and ‘2100 Goal’ aimed to give students the extra push needed to excel. The Summer Boot Camp offers intense in-class instruction for eight weeks. This program meets for 5 days a week (5 hours a day) and has been known to boost the students’ SAT scores phenomenally. Shorter and more intense versions of the Summer Boot Camp are the Winter and Spring Boot Camps which meet in Christmas break and spring break for two weeks and one week respectively. The ‘2100 Goal’ is for students who have a slightly higher academic capability than their peers. With enrolment criteria of high test scores in the diagnostic tests, a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a B+ school grade, the 2100 Goal surely isn’t for the faint-hearted. Pushed to their preparatory limits, students enroll in this 15 week demanding program of many hours of out-of-class study and practice, which begins in June and goes well into October. You can have a look at their intensive programs at http://www.eliteprep.com/intensive.

A Last Word

The Elite Educational Institute is devoted to academic excellence for all its students. Their programs promise a generous score improvement and mastery over core skills of critical reading, math and writing, necessary both for national level standardized tests and college/university studies as well.