Cost of SAT Test

SAT Test Fees and Fee Waivers

The SAT Test is taken by college applicants around the world and the cost of SAT test depends upon where you are to take the test from. The College Board website prescribes the requisites and ideal time a student should decide to take the SAT test. It also provides information about upcoming testing dates and locations. You can read more about registrations and deadlines at College Board provides a host of services apart from registration that can be availed by a test taker by incurring a nominal cost apart from the cost of SAT test.You are advised to read about the test fees and other costs carefully while registering for the SAT test and make sure that the services you are looking for are available in your location

Test Fees

The cost of the SAT test is a standard $49 for students taking the test within the United States of America and its territories including Puerto Rico. Fee waivers are available for such test takers. An international process fee of $29 is charged for test takers who take the test at any location other than the above mentioned ones. Additionally a surcharge of $24 is charged for students testing in India and Pakistan.

Additional Services and Charges

If you have previously registered for the SAT, you have the option of registering for the test over the phone. This will cost you $15 in addition to the cost of SAT test. If need be, you may also choose to change the test type, testing center or the test date at a cost of $25.Some testing locations allow late registrations. In such cases if you register late but before the late registration deadline as prescribed on the website testing schedule then you are charged a fee of $26. A standby fee of $43 is paid by test takers with a standby registration. This fee is paid on the test day. Other services like requesting for Student Answer Service can also be availed at an additional cost. To find out more visit To check your scores over the phone you are required to call the customer services during standard business hours and have your test registration number, your birth date and you credit card number and expiry date. This service costs $15 per call. Scores are available over the phone no sooner than they are available online viz three weeks after the test date.

SAT Fee Waivers

A SAT Fee Waiver is offered to citizens of the USA and it territories which waves off the cost of SAT test. This waiver is also offered to citizens of the United States of America and its territories who decide to take the test internationally. The fee waiver also allows you to request for four additional score cards to be sent to colleges. It also offers either the Student Answer Service or the Question and Answer Service. Both these services give you information about your answers in the test. For more information about the same visit Students who wish to get a SAT fee waiver have to prove eligibility for the same and avail it at a counselor or an authorized agent. The College Board does not provide such fee waivers for the cost of SAT test themselves. Fee waivers can be used by either entering the 12 digit code whilst registering online or by filling in the waiver card and sending it with the registration form via mail. You are advised to check the expiry date on your fee waiver card before using it.

Payments and Refunds

You can pay the cost of SAT test either with a credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa or Mastercard), checks (drawn US banks only), international money orders, bank drafts or UNESCO coupons (for international registration only). To read more about the directives on how these payments are to be made visit The College Board also collects funds electronically in case a check has been returned on account of insufficient funds. Such a transaction also bears a penalty or dishonor charge as directed by the state that is additional to the cost of SAT test. Registration fees are not refunded even if the test taker is absent on the test day. To read more about the forms of refunds offered visit the above mentioned website.

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