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SAT admissions – What do colleges expect?


Are you an aspirant for SAT examinations? If you are not yet familiar, getting good scores in SAT is not the only requirement of the colleges or to get admission in one of the top notch colleges in United States. While the scores that you have obtained are undoubtedly significant getting a perfect score certainly does not guarantee admission to a good college if your application is not complete in all respects. There are several other factors that are taken into account by the college authorities and the admission officers and let us know about them in detail.

A Good Record in Academics

An application for college SAT is considered as most effective when the candidate is able to maintain a consistently good record in the academics although it is not always about getting good grades. According to conventions, the transcript should always reflect “A” grades for getting admission to top colleges but most of the colleges consider core courses as far as calculating grades are concerned. Since the requirements keep varying in different colleges, the students should be able to carry out proper research, before applying in a certain college. In addition to this, many schools offer programs like Advanced Placement and there are several colleges that look into the scores of the same and recognize or honour the students for taking up such challenging courses in high school. Furthermore, there are lots of colleges that expect the students to take a course in foreign language and although a two or three- year course would suffice, a perfect way to make the application stronger is to complete a four year course in foreign languages. Similarly, a three or four- year course in mathematics will certainly provide a boost to your college SAT admission possibilities and is the best way to impress the admission officers.

Significance of Application Essays in college SAT

A majority of colleges consider the essays in the application as one of the most important considerations for getting admission in top colleges. An essay that is composed in an improper manner can even result in the rejection of the application of an outstanding candidate. Basically, the SAT aspirants can get away with average scores if the application essays are well written and incredible though it may seem, but it will eventually assist them in getting admission to the educational institution that they have always dreamt of. If a candidate is not confident about his/her strength in English, he/she should try to seek help of an expert for the betterment of his/her chances in college SAT admission process. Alternatively, there are several online services for writing essays that may help the students to enhance their skills of essay writing.

Extracurricular Activities are also Important

There are several colleges that consider community services along with volunteering work and pursuing hobbies among extracurricular activities. Those candidates who have a good record of extracurricular activities are preferred than others and they will score above others for getting admission to the top colleges.

Letters of Recommendation

They are important and most of the colleges would require them in the application. However, the recommenders should be chosen carefully and they should be able to speak positively about the enthusiasm and vigour that reflects in the works of the candidate.

Other Factors in College SAT

In addition to the points that we have already highlighted about college SAT admission process, the other major concern of the admission authorities of those colleges is to bring into force an assortment of talents. Therefore, students from various backgrounds are admitted for the undergraduate courses in an attempt to promote a momentous and eloquent experience beyond the academic faculties.


Although, SAT scores are just one of the conditions or norms for college SAT admission process, it is still considered as one of the most important criterion that can alter the fate of a SAT applicant and there are only a handful of students who manage to get winning scores in SAT. We are already familiar that there are three sections in the SAT: Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The general scores in each of these sections move around two hundred to eight hundred and accordingly an ideal score would be around 2400. However, the standard scores for the individual sections would remain around five hundred and the total mean scores would then be around 1500. As far as getting SAT scores are concerned, even those students who have applied for renowned colleges may not necessarily get a good score in these examinations. On the whole, a top ranked college in the US will only consider the application of the candidate when the SAT scores are above 2100.

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