College Board SAT

How does the College Board help SAT students?

What is College Board SAT?

It was in the year 1926 when College Board was formed. It was a membership tie-up among several colleges administering standardized tests for post secondary education in order to gauge a student’s ability for higher studies. After 85 years, the College Board is still committed to its aim, spanning about 5900 universities, colleges, schools and other educational foundations. The main idea of the College Board is to provide every student the necessary tools to train for college studies, enroll in college courses and graduate successfully with excellence.

TheCollege Board SAT website helps the prospective test-takers to know about the SAT in detail. It helps students to prepare for the SAT with the help of interactive College Board SATstudy resources and full-length practice tests. The College Board SAT website also provides free sample study pools for subject tests and complete explanations of answers. In addition, you will be able to avail SAT online courses and SAT study guides. If you are not sure how to start preparing, the College Board SAT website provides you with a reliable study plan. The College Board SAT website also gives you directions regarding registration; the test dates details and a test day simulator. In case you are not more than 13 year old, the College Board SAT offers you the Sunday testing option. Finally, you can get an insight about the specific score cards you may send to schools and universities, about the skills you need to improve upon and about getting your score card delivered to you.

How would you benefit by the College Board SAT?

The College Board SATis dedicated in bringing out the best in you. Its official webpage gives you all the essential materials to make your SAT experience a successful one. Following are some of the ways in which the College Board SAT website helps you in your SAT preparation.

Ensure college readiness:

The primary aim of College Board SAT is to ensure the college-readiness of every test-taker. It initiates curriculum programs, provides instruments to judge a student’s capability and regional guidance to assist the K-12 students in their quest to endure the complexities of higher studies. Other tools, used by the College Board SAT to ensure the college-readiness of the candidates are Advanced Placement (AP®), Spring Board®, ReadiStep™, College Ed® and EXCELerator™.

Details about the test:

The next step of the College Board SAT website is to make you perceptive about SAT and its test structure. The College Board lets you know all about the SAT and how it bridges the gap between the students and colleges. It describes the ten sections of the SAT. It tells you about the number of times SAT is offered, about the reason why SAT is in demand and how tough the SAT exam may become.In this endeavor to make you familiar with SAT, the website also provides sample questions, articulate answers, practice tests and authentic score reports.

Registering for SAT:

The College Board SAT website gives you proper directions for registering for SAT through phone, mail, or online. Furthermore, you shall get the details for late registration, fee waivers and links to downloadable materials. You shall also get other registration data like test dates and deadlines, fee structure, testing centers, test accommodations, provisions for special cases, nullification and amendments, standby enrolment, home-schooled candidates and bulk enrolment.

Other features:

The College Board SAT website offers more details about the SAT. Such information assists students in preparing for SAT by giving them details about the SAT test dates, how the scoring is done and other information about SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmark.

All this information that you will get from the College Board website is useful for your preparation for taking the SAT and for your proper understanding of the exam. You will get every bit of information about the SAT, structure and registration details. College Board SAT website keeps your best interest in mind, providing you the basic groundwork for your success in taking the SAT and scoring high.

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