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SAT Prep Courses - Make the Right Choice

How Are SAT Prep Courses Important?

The best SAT prep courses will take care of your SAT preparation and ensure that you complete your SAT syllabus on time and have a successful SAT test on the day of the exam. These SAT prep courses are spread evenly at all places in the US and international locations. The SAT test prep can be a trouble in case you choose to study on your own. At home, you will not get any competition from fellow SAT test-takers or guidance of expert instructors. At theses prep centers, you will have experienced tutors who are SAT toppers themselves, guiding you in the road to success. Moreover, you will be in the company of other competitive students, studying in the same class alongside you.

What Are the Best SAT Test Prep Courses?

Before enrolling in these SAT test prep courses, you have to make the right selection of these prep courses. Selecting the best SAT prep courses can be a challenging task. Almost all of the best SAT test prep courses will boast themselves as the most comprehensive. However, in order to narrow down your search, following is an assorted list of the best SAT prep courses, which will be useful for your SAT preparation:

a)Kaplan SAT test prep:

When it comes to Kaplan, it is said that 9 out of 10 Kaplan students would recommend the Kaplan SAT course as one of the best SAT prep courses. It is a popular and reliable SAT test prep course, which gives you the real insight into the SAT and lets you have trusted preparation course materials, viable for your preparation. The Kaplan SAT courses comes at a reasonable price of $499 and its course name is the Complete SAT Prep. The features of this SAT test prep are:

  1. It has interactive classroom training with the top-scoring teachers and tutors, observing every step of the way to your preparation. It includes the SAT on site and the SAT classroom anywhere.

  2. It offers you SAT premier tutoring which includes Master Program (32 hours) 16 two-hour lesson plus 6 practice papers, honors program (26 hours) 13 two-hours lesson plus 6 practice papers and Review Program (20 hours) 10 two-hours lessons plus 6 practice papers.

  3. It offers you SAT small group tutoring which includes six three-hours tutoring sessions in a classroom of maximum strength of five students and four full-length SAT practice test experiences simulated just like the test day.

b)The Princeton Review SAT test prep:

The administrator of the Princeton Review boasts that this prep course is one of the best SAT prep courses, which is the corner store of choosing a SAT test prep company. This SAT prep course will deliver guaranteed results to you or else you get your money back. The prep course in the Princeton Review is designed to suit your preparation needs and is scheduled according to your routine, style of learning and budget. The following shows the details of the course:

  1. Private tutors with 24 hours one-on-one interaction starting from $2760

  2. Small group instruction with 24 hours 4-student classroom training starting from $1499

  3. Ultimate course: an intense 30-hours classroom course with a guaranteed 150 point improvement starting from $999

  4. Classroom course with an 18-hours course for self starters starting at $599

  5. Online course with ample study resources accessible through the internet starting from $169

  6. SAT LiveOnline course which has the same SAT Classroom course of 18 hours of online classroom training by experienced SAT instructors

c) Barron’s SAT test prep course:

The Barron’s SAT test prep course is an online preparatory course structure, which is composed of study materials published in the Barron’s prep books. It is one of the best SAT prep courses online. This prep course comes at a price of $19.99 for a six-month’s subscription. In case you wish to enroll for a year of School or Public library Subscription, you have to pay $199. Features of this prep course are:

  1. 6 complete SAT full-length tests

  2. Targeted practice

  3. Solution and Feedback

  4. Instant Test Scoring

  5. Raw and Scaled Score

  6. 3500 SAT Words

  7. Tactics and Strategies

  8. Detailed Reporting

The above-mentioned courses are few of the best SAT prep courses. They are the perfect programs, which will lead you to your success. However, merely enrolling in these best Sat prep courses will not give you results. You need to be dedicated and make a habit of following a study routine to achieve victory.

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