Characteristics of the Best SAT Prep Book

A scientific approach towards any aptitude test proves to be the best. Therefore if you want to call any SAT prep book as the best SAT prep book then it must fulfill the following requirements:

  • It must explain the exam pattern in accurate detail. It must be based on the current pattern and the current syllabus of the exam.
  • It must cover the entire syllabus with every possible question type that can be asked during the exam.
  • Every subsection should be accompanied with enough sample questions to practice.
  • The best SAT prep book should offer sets of sample test papers. If you can practice enough sample question papers, then you can judge the standard of your preparation and you can identify your weaknesses easily. The best SAT prep book will make you absolutely confident of your preparation.
  • The best SAT prep book shall explain you an exam strategy. It will offer you some very good test taking strategies.
  • The best SAT prep book means a prep book that is written by very experienced people belonging to this field. Such a book will be simple to understand and will include explanations to every answer. It will also include answer keys to the sample question papers
  • The best SAT prep book will summarize the entire syllabus for you to revise at the last minute.
  • It should not be very costly.
  • It should provide you additional benefits like a CD ROM with a soft copy of the question and answers or information about the SAT exam in terms of registration, test centers, admission policies etc.

Studying from a SAT Guide

You will definitely want to buy the best SAT pre guide or a book. Every publisher claims to offer the best SAT prep guide book. However, you may find that there are so many SAT prep guides that anyone would get confused. Here you should keep in mind that the outcome of your attempt does not depend purely on the kind of book that you purchase. It depends on how you utilize the study materials available with you. There are a lot of web sites that offer free SAT prep materials. You can even prepare from such resources. Whatever study guides or materials you obtain, you must utilize them thoroughly. First and foremost you must study from your study guide about the pattern of the exam. Then you should study every section of the exam adequately. Once you understand the concept, you should solve enough exercise questions based on it. This way when you get a fair idea about all the sections of the exam, you should start taking the sample tests from your study guide. You should try to improve on your score with every sample test. Once you achieve these things, automatically your study guide will become the best SAT prep guide book for you.


We have seen how important it is to select the right kind of SAT prep book. One must obtain a couple of SAT prep books that cover the complete syllabus in full detail. One must be practical while choosing among the available SAT prep books and should not conclude that a costly book means that it is the best SAT prep book. Take a feedback from friends, online reviews and then only purchase a SAT prep book. Lastly, a full utilization of your SAT prep book is dependent on your mind set and regular study.

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