What are Average SAT Scores?

It is very difficult to define what are average SAT scores as different colleges have different admission policies and processes. Actually there is no cut off average SAT scores for college admissions. In fact, various courses within a college have different score requirement. Some of the colleges do not even count writing section marks. While some other colleges with specific language courses can give equal importance to writing section.

But you cannot overlook the importance of average SAT scores. Colleges compare your scores with the other student's average SAT scores, national average SAT score and the average SAT scores of the college in the past. What are average SAT scores useful for? Colleges also consider average SAT scores of different sections separately while placing the candidates in various levels of courses available as many colleges offer regular, developmental and advanced level of courses. Average SAT scores of SAT subject test help you to select your major subjects in the college. A score higher than the average SAT scores will definitely place you in a good college and a good course. A good SAT score will also help you in getting scholarships and grants from the college or your high school.

What are average SAT scores at the national level? You can get the lists of average SAT scores state wise or college wise on the internet. You also find out about the national average SAT score on the web for the recent SAT and the SAT for previous years also. Before you plan to apply to a college, you can check its previous record and average SAT scores. Many colleges make their own scoring charts according to their requirements and hence their own way of comparing the scores of the students. It gives you a fair idea about your chance of getting admission in that college. You can also plan your preparations to beat that score. There are many web sites which publish average SAT scores reports of various colleges unofficially.

What are average SAT scores' percentiles useful for? While giving admissions, colleges compare your scores with the scores of other students. The percentile score on the score report helps the colleges in comparing different students from various schools. Percentile is the percent of those test takers who have scored lower than your scores. A percentile of 50th is considered as an average or median percentile. Whether your SAT scores are good or bad depends on the fact whether your college considers state or national average SAT scores as a parameter. SAT national averages are calculated section wise, subject wise, school wise and a consolidated national SAT average. Colleges use them according to their own requirement.

If used properly, SAT scores can play an important role in admission decisions. According to College Board organization, SAT scores should be used as a supplement to the GPA of the student, his personal statement, letters of recommendations etc. SAT scores just indicates the preparation of the student for the college level work.

To get admission in a good college, you should try to score good marks without worrying about the average or national average. It always helps if you have a specific goal in mind. If you want, you can keep in mind that you have to beat the average SAT score of your favorite college. You should plan your SAT preparations to score a good SAT score which should be able to validate your high school marks. You should focus on your studies.

There is no doubt that information about the average SAT scores is going to help you in achieving the score that you have aimed. It will keep you more focused.

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