Average Verbal and Math SAT Scores

SAT is a standard test which is compulsory for taking admission in colleges in US. It is not an intelligence test. It is a measure of your skills and knowledge acquired through formal education. Taking the SAT is an important part of the college admission process. SAT scores are used to analyze your problem solving ability and ability of analysis. But one thing which you should be clear about is that SAT scores are not the sole criteria for the college admissions. Educational institutes consider SAT scores, high school GPA, class work and other criteria for granting admission. Nonetheless, your average verbal and math SAT scores increase your merits for admission purposes in good colleges. It is vital to have knowledge about the required average verbal and math SAT scores but before that we should be familiar with the test and scoring pattern of SAT.

SAT is administered 7 times in an academic year. These test dates fall in the months of March, May, June, October, November and December. Hence, you can appear for SAT all through the year. Basically there are two tests in SAT: SAT reasoning test and SAT subject tests. SAT subject test is an optional test. Students can take at the most three subject tests on a specific date. There are three portions in the SAT reasoning test. These are the critical reading, the quantitative and the writing sections. SAT mostly consists of multiple answer choice questions. The scores of each of the three sections are given within a range of 200 to 800. The perfect score of 2400 is nearly impossible to achieve. The average score in SAT is around 1550. So a score more than the SAT average score can be taken as a good score. All the detailed information about the scoring of SAT is available on the official web site www.collegeboard.com.

Average SAT Score

The way colleges handle the concept of average SAT scores is different for various colleges. Most institutes consider the SAT average score as a primary qualification for entrance and give importance to other criteria to admit students. Some colleges give more weight age to SAT average score while taking a decision about the admissions. College admission counsels compare the scores of all students. Colleges also compare your composite SAT scores with the national or state average score for SAT. Average verbal and math SAT scores help colleges in determining the candidate's ability to adapt in the college. Colleges use the average verbal and math SAT scores for student admissions, advising, and placement. Different colleges have different requirement for average score for SAT. It is very difficult to know requirements of all the colleges in terms of average SAT scores, so it is better to inquire about the requirement from the colleges of your choice, where you want to send your official score report. Normally colleges publish the SAT average scores of the students who got admissions in previous years on their web sites. Knowing the minimum average verbal and math SAT scores of the students who got admission in the college will help you to try to achieve that score or better than that average score for SAT. It is always good to score marks better than the national average score for SAT to get admission in a college of your choice. If you are interested in a high in demand course, then you definitely have to score much higher than the average SAT score.

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