Applying for SAT Test

Apply for SAT in These 10 Easy Steps

As if taking the SAT exam was not easy enough, applicants also have to take pains to register in time so that they get their preferred dates and test centers. Thankfully registering for the SAT is not that tough a task. Applying for SAT test can be done either online at the College Board website or via mail. Another method is via the phone, but that is available only for retests. Deadlines for the registration for the SAT are often a month in advance of the SAT test date and so applicants should register well in time to secure their preferred test centers and test dates. If an applicant misses the deadline while applying for SAT test and wants to take the test on a particular day, there is a stand-by option for registration available, done on the test date at the test center, but only if adequate seats allotted to stand-by candidates are available. If applying for SAT test is what you’re concerned about then read this easy 10-step guide for making it easier for applying for SAT test.

  1. For the online process of applying for SAT test, an applicant needs to sign up on the College Board website and become a member user with it. There is no signing up charge and it is totally free of cost. Signing up will require only a few basic details of the applicant.
  2. The next step is to register for the SAT test. The applicant will need to select a test date from the dates available on the calendar. The SAT is conducted seven times a year and 4 out of the seven dates for SAT 2012 are out and they are January 28, March 10, May 5 and June 2.
  3. After selecting the test date, the next step in applying for SAT test is to select the test center. Two options are required to be filled in, the first being the primary option and the second being the secondary choice, in case the applicant cannot be allotted his preferred first choice of test center.
  4. Once the test date and center have been selected by the applicant the final stage is to make the payment. Only credit cards are accepted for online registration whereas bank check or money order can be used for the mail option of registering for the SAT. Applicants applying for SAT test within US and its territories pay $49 for registration whereas the international students pay a little over that for registration for SAT.
  5. You are now registered! After the payment the applicant will receive a confirmation and can view information on his allotted test center seat.
  6. The next step is that of receiving of the admission ticket, which happens within a few days or immediately either by mail or by web depending on the process you have chosen for your registration.
  7. For the postal mail method of applying for SAT test you need the SAT Paper Registration Guide which can be procured from your high-school. This registration guide contains all the steps that you need to undertake for the postal registration process. Payments for this method can be done by bank check or money order.
  8. The SAT registration Guide will have the registration form and envelope which needs to be filled up with your postal address in order to receive your admission ticket which would be sent to you via postal mail.
  9. As part of your registration for the SAT exam, you are allowed to select 4 colleges for score report delivery; do not forget to select these 4 colleges/universities while registering, so that they can receive your score reports in time. For the website registration applicants also have the option for registering free of cost with the SSS or Student Search Services, a college search tool for universities and colleges to connect with their future students.
  10. Last but not the least, once your registration is complete, get started on your preparation for the SAT exam!

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