All SAT Test Dates

Your Guide To Selecting a SAT Test Date

Most people might advise you to take the SAT when you are prepared for it. While it is good advice, it may not be the most accurate one. It is true that you should be prepared for the SAT so that you can score high and maximize your chances of admission to the college you wish to join. However, you must remember that the very purpose of taking the SAT is to gain admission in a college and the process of application to colleges has to be a meticulously planned one. Therefore, taking the SAT is part of the process of admission and you have to plan it much in advance and prepare accordingly for it. It is a good idea to check all SAT test dates before you start planning for college.

  • SAT Test Dates to Remember:

    SAT is conducted in certain months of the year. All SAT test dates relevant for the year 2011-2012 are:

    • 5th of November
    • 3rd of December
    • 28th of January
    • 10th of March (SAT only, US)
    • 5th of May
    • 2nd of June
  • Deadlines to Remember:

    There are a few points that you must consider when planning an application to a college.

    • First and foremost, you must check the programs that you wish to join. Do not join a college just because it is one of the best. It is important that you place more priority on the programs offered by the colleges.
    • Once you are decided on the program, make a note of the requirement of the program and the college you wish to join with respect to SAT. Some colleges also require SAT subject test scores.
    • As you would have two or more colleges on your list, it is a good idea to make a chart of the requirements of each college.
    • Every college will have an application deadline or an application closing date. You have to adhere to the dates strictly as applications received after the closing date are not considered.
    • You must send the complete application including all relevant SAT scores before the application deadlines of the colleges.
  • Before you can take the SAT, you must register for the test. Registration for SAT also has a deadline and closes about four weeks before all SAT test dates. There are some points regarding registration that you must remember:

    • Registering online by a credit card is the fastest and easiest method as you would receive confirmation about the test center and test date chosen by you immediately.
    • Registering early improves your chances to get the test date and test center of your choice.

    It is advisable that you plan for more than one SAT test. In case your scores are not good enough, you can retake the test to improve your scores. You will have to register for the SAT every time you plan to take it. Therefore, you must schedule the tests such that you are able to register for the tests well in advance. Mark all SAT test dates, corresponding registration deadlines and college application deadlines in your calendar.

  • Best Time to Take SAT:

    While all SAT test dates may seem convenient, it is best to take the SAT in the months of January and March. The rush of students during these months is not as much as during the autumn months. This can help you in several ways starting from being able to choose the test center without problems to scoring better due to less competition.

  • Right Time to Take SAT:

    The junior year is considered to be a good time to take the SAT. However, you must ensure that you are not taking the SAT too early on. This is particularly true for the SAT subject tests. Some of the topics tested in the Subject tests are taught in the senior year. Some subject tests, especially the language tests, require you to complete at least two years of study before you can consider taking the SAT. In such cases, the emphasis is on preparedness rather than the timelines.

    It is not easy to plan the entire application process. However, planning the process will only lead you to a successful outcome. Once you know all SAT test dates and other relevant information, you can make a schedule. It is important that you plan and prepare according to the schedule.

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