Pros and cons of SAT and ACT

What are the SAT and ACT test?

The ACT SAT test are both competitive exams which ensures the college-readiness of the test-taker after he passes off his high school. The scores of these two exams act as an important admission criteria in the colleges and scholarship programs. ACT SAT test is the minimum qualification that a test-taker should have to compete in the modern world. These two exams evaluate test-taker’s knowledge in English, Vocabulary, Science, Mathematics and Critical reading. The pattern and test structure of ACT SAT test is almost similar. However, there are many aspects on which the tests differ from each other. Likewise, the tests are similar from many standpoints. The ACT SAT test has its own array of Pros and Cons, which must be discussed in order to bring out the benefits of the two exams.

How are ACT SAT test similar?

The ACT and SAT test are similar to some extent in following ways:

Both the SAT and ACT test takers can choose their scorecards:

You may choose to send your desired scores that you are awarded in the ACT SAT test. In both the exam, you may choose which score to send and which scores to reserve. The admission officers will therefore view only those scores, which you select to send.

Both the test have similar test fee:

The fee structure for registering for ACT and SAT are almost the same. In case of ACT, you need to pay $49.5 (including essay part) while in case of SAT, you have to pay $49.

The process of marking essay is the same:

In ACT, the essay section, though optional, has the same marking strategy. In SAT, the essay is marked on a scale of 12 in the same way the essay is marked in ACT. Two readers review your essay in ACT SAT test and if the marking differs then a third reviewer reads your essay.

Both have provisions for Sunday testing:

Those test-takers who are bound by their religious sanctions against testing on Saturday, may sit for ACT SAT test on Sunday.

These are few of the grounds on which the SAT and ACT tests are similar. Following are certain parameters, which provides the pros and cons of SAT and ACT.

What are the pros and cons of SAT and ACT?

Following are some pros and cons of ACT SAT test:

  • The type of test-taker sitting for the SAT and the ACT exam are different. Students, who aces in the ACT have a good memory, are quick readers and can compute information instantly. On the other hand, students who are sitting for SAT exam has a good vocabulary base are an avid reader and have a capability to utilize test-taking strategies. Therefore, both the exams favor different types of students. ACT can be an advantage for test-takers who are technically inclined while, SAT, is an advantage for those taking prone to test-taking strategies whereas an average student cannot sit for both the exams.
  • The time constraint of the ACT and SAT are different. In case of ACT, more questions offered to the test taker, which the latter have to complete in a limited time frame. In case of SAT, the test duration favors the test takers.
  • The SAT deducts ¼ point for each wrong answers, however, the ACT do not deduct marks for wrong answers.
  • For the ACT applicants, the writing section is optional. Students who are not keen in writing essays may not attend essay questions. However, in SAT, the essays are compulsory.
  • The SAT demands a broader foundation of vocabulary from the test taker. It includes tricky questions from passages and keeps the test-taker confused about the answer. However, in ACT, the test takers face an easier vocabulary section compared to SAT.
  • The ACT consists of an extra section called the Science Reasoning. This clearly shows that the ACT demands a student who is more into science. Students with a background of arts will find difficulties solving this section. However, this section is not present in SAT. The SAT simply evaluates a student’s skills in critical reading, mathematics and writing.

Although both the exams have their own range of pros and cons, the importance of the ACT SAT test can hardly be ignored in today’s era of college admission. Before applying for colleges and courses, you need to know which exam suits your career goals. In addition, you should also check about the college policies you are applying to and find out whether they favor the SAT or the ACT score. You need to proceed accordingly and reach your target.

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