Preparing For The ACT and SAT

Parallel Preparation for ACT and SAT

The ACT (American College Testing) and SAT are tests taken by students applying to colleges in America in order to make admission applications. The scores of these tests determine between applicants as to who will secure an admission. Colleges usually specify which test to take, however if you are to take both the tests, preparation should be quite an easy feat to achieve. It eventually boils down to understanding what both the tests are and how you can best prepare for them. The prime difference between the two tests is that the ACT tests students for basic academic principles and the SAT tests students for critical thinking and rationality. It is also said that the questions in the ACT are straight forward unlike the other which screens the test takers for rationality and understanding.

Points to Remember for ACT SAT Test Prep

The SAT has three sections Critical Reading, Writing and Math, whereas the ACT has five sections English, Reading, Math, Science and an optional Writing section. The test taker may choose to complete the Writing section should he want to or if the college has stated it as a requirement towards the application process. Also there is no penalty for guessing answers on the ACT test whereas there is a 1/4th point deduction on the other test. Also it is the composite score on the ACT that matters unlike the individual section scores as the SAT. Test takers can go through the study materials and gauge what materials are common to both the tests with respect to basic principles and study them on their own or choose to take up tutorials.


There are a number of coaching organizations that help students in preparation. Companies like Kaplan, Sylvan and the Princeton Review conduct courses and provide tutorial services to test takers. They have the liberty to choose the type of tutorials and the method of instruction for preparation depending upon their convenience. You can also choose to take courses that will help you prepare for both the test simultaneously.

Thinktango Online SAT + ACT Parallel Testing Program

The program is aimed at preparing a student to take both the tests over a period of a year. It involves taking 58 lessons, two hours per lesson. 5 lessons a month would cost you $199. You could avail a discount if you sign up for the yearly package which costs $1990. The lessons are conducted online and also provide online seminars, weekly workshops, knowledge base and 4 practice tests with video answers for better explanation. To read more visit the following link: You can also look for other parallel courses online.

Kaplan Test Prep: Complete SAT Prep/ Complete ACT Prep

Kaplan provides a course that can either be completed by attending classroom sessions or by taking these lessons online. It is offered for both the tests differently. Both the courses involve 18 hours of adaptive online or classroom instructions and 4 mock tests. However the "Complete SAT prep course" has 4 extra tests for added practice whereas the "Complete ACT prep course" has 1 extra test paper. Both the courses offer access to additional online lessons, progress and performance tracking. Students can either choose to do both in a classroom or pick the medium of instruction according to their convenience and requirements. To read more about the same or to find other tutorials visit the following link: for information on SAT courses. Check the following link: for information on the ACT courses.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is another company that is famous for its tailored services from private tutorials that provide personal attention to the student to ‘do it on your own’ guides and books. A student can pick from a variety of services and excellent online courses. To read more about the various courses for SAT visit the link: To learn about ACT preparation, click on the following link: There is a classroom course offered for both the tests differently and they both consist of 18 hours of live instructions, 4 practice tests, additional practice tools and tips and tricks on answering test questions. You can pick other courses should you need more or less instruction or practice.

Sylvan Test Prep

Sylvan also provides tutorials that are provided in a small group setting. The SAT course has 30 hours of lectures and 3 practice tests and the ACT course has 24 hours and 2 practice tests. They also provide specialized tutoring in specific subject areas. To read more about Sylvan Coaching visit: