ACT SAT Test Dates

When can you take the SAT and ACT?

The SAT is one of the toughest examinations taken by students for securing admission to the colleges in the United States. However, if a student has not been able to achieve high scores in these examinations or failed to appear for them on time because they were not aware of the ACT SAT Test Dates, he/she should not worry much as there are over eight hundred colleges that do not require ACT or SAT scores. But those schools that do not take into account the scores of SAT or ACT may have other conditions or requirements such as high grade points or class ranks. There are many students who prefer to take both SAT and ACT to acquire more knowledge about the nature of these examinations and to decipher which one suits them more. In other words, appearing for SAT and ACT will allow them to have a better idea about the differences that exist between these two examinations but only if they are able to select ACT SAT Test Dates properly.

ACT SAT Test Dates – Timings for taking the SAT

Those candidates who have decided to take the SAT should know that this examination is held seven times during a year. For the completion of the application processes of this examination the senior students or those that are studying in high school often decide to take the examination in the month of October or November. These dates seem appropriate for taking the SAT examinations because it is a good way for honing their skills as far as the SAT is concerned. Moreover, if the senior school candidates are not able to achieve the desired scores in the winter and spring tests, they will then have the entire summer time to study and prepare for the examinations and acquire the necessary skills for taking the examination again. It is necessary for the students to be careful about choosing the ACT SAT Test Dates so that they are able to get enough time for preparation.

ACT SAT Test Dates – Scores for SAT

The colleges and Universities will receive the scores that are sent by the students barring some of them where the system differs. In those schools or colleges or other schools within the similar system, the authorities will have access to same scores. In other words, those schools and colleges to which the scores are delivered will surely have access to the same but the other schools and colleges that belong to the same system will also have access to those scores. In addition to this, the colleges will not have an opportunity to reject the scores sent by College Board. There is an option called Score Choice that allow the students to select their scores but the students should preferably visit the official website to know about what it actually means or implies. Considering the publicity or propaganda that is associated with SAT and to know more about ACT SAT Test Dates, the students should try to concentrate on something more meaningful and one of the best things to do is to take hold of the SAT Study Guide that is offered by College Board and appear for the mock tests to get more practice.

ACT SAT Test Dates – When to take the ACT

Those students, who have decided to apply for securing admission to universities and colleges, should try to find out the exact time when the colleges will require ACT/SAT scores. Usually, the time taken to get the scores will range around three weeks after the test date. As far as ACT SAT Test Dates are concerned, this examination is conducted about six times during a year, in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June. The test is available in centres on Saturdays except for religious obligations or those who live in the remote areas. The next thing that the students must know along with ACT SAT Test Dates are the place and time of this examination and for this they can even consult the counsellor of the high school. In addition to this, one can also try to get the booklets that are available in the school itself. However, the best time for taking ACT is during spring time of the junior school or the fall of senior year. The students should try to focus on the exam held during spring time because it will allow them to analyze their scores and if they are not able to achieve the desired number, they will get the entire summer for preparation and take the examination again. Choosing appropriate ACT SAT Test Dates will allow the students to have access to the photocopy of the answer sheet and the test paper. However, if a student thinks that the scoring is not correct, he/she can also ask for hand scoring. After putting months of hard work, the students will find genuine success in SAT and ACT if they are able to make proper selection of ACT SAT Test Dates and finally get admission in the institution of their choice.

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