ACT And SAT Test Dates

Choosing the Correct ACT and SAT Test Dates

The ACT:

ACT stands for American College Testing. It tests educational development of students in general, and assesses their ability to cope up with the college level education. The ACT assesses students in four areas: English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Writing test includes writing an essay which is optional.

The SAT:

The SAT was earlier known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, later on its name changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test. The SAT comprises three major sections: Critical Reading, Math and Writing section.

ACT And SAT Test Dates:

ACT is administered on six national dates in United States and its territories, Canada and Puerto Rico. The tests in the above mentioned countries are scheduled to be on October 22, 2011; December 10, 2011; February 11, 2012; April 14, 2012; and June 9, 2012. The ACT test for September has already been administered on 10th of September, 2011. In other countries, the test is conducted five times in a year on all test dates except in September.

SAT and SAT Subject Tests are administered on the same day. However, SAT Subject Tests are not conducted in March. SAT exam is scheduled to take place on November 5, 2011; December 3, 2011; January 28, 2012; March 10, 2012; May 5, 2012; and June 2, 2012 for United States. The SAT has already been conducted on October 1, 2011. For rest of the countries, SAT is not scheduled on March, 10, 2012.

SAT Subject Test dates:

To get more information on ACT and SAT test dates one can log on to the following links:

How to Choose the Correct Test Date for ACT:

In order to choose the most suitable test date one can either register online or by mail or via phone. In order to register for the test online, one has to open an ACT web account on the official website for ACT and click on the tab ‘Register for Test’. To get this information in detail one can log on to the webpage Registration for test demands one to fill up the test code for the test center of one’s choice. One can select the test center and test date by logging on to this website, finding test center’s code, and thus, selecting the most convenient test date in one’s own country. In addition, if one is a resident of United States, United States territories, Canada, or Puerto Rico, one can refer to the webpage It’s good to take the ACT test two months ahead of application deadlines of the colleges of one’s choice.

How to Choose the Correct Test Date for SAT:

A student can choose a test date according to one’s convenience to take the test. The same holds true for SAT and SAT Subject Tests. One can either choose subjects oneself for the test or as specified by the college of one’s choice. Colleges recommend students to take subject tests as the SAT scores of test-takers act as a relevant guide for suggestion of specific courses at college level. A test taker has to first choose subjects of one’s choice and then find out the specific dates on which one can take those subject tests. The next step is to register for the tests and pay the registration fees. Registration can be done either online at the official SAT website or by phone or by mail.

Choosing the Correct ACT And SAT Test Dates:

If one wants to meet the deadlines for submitting applications in colleges Of one’s choice, one can refer to the link (for SAT), (for ACT) and can search details about colleges by their names and codes for ascertaining the time period during which one can take admission. Accordingly, students can select the ACT and SAT test dates that would be the best for them.

Note: One should choose to take SAT test either in the beginning of the junior year of high school or in the senior year of high school. In addition, it’s good to take ACT test during the junior year of high school. The ACT and SAT test dates which are chosen keeping these points in mind will be the correct test dates.


ACT and SAT, both exams are meant for students who want to take admissions in good colleges. Students have to choose the correct ACT and SAT test dates. The chosen test date should suit their preparation plan and should provide them enough time to apply in appropriate colleges.

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