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SAT Reasoning Test is a test for college admissions in United States. SAT is administered by the College Board Corporation, which is a non-profit organization in the United States. It is conducted by the Educational Testing Service or ETS. If you wish to appear for SAT test then you should try to find the details about SAT test, rather you should know all about SAT

About SAT :General

SAT Reasoning Test is a measure of the skills you will need for excelling during your studies in college. The exam assesses your capability to analyze and solve problems. It also examines the skills you would have acquired in school and that are required for your studies in college. The exam is taken by high school juniors and seniors.

The duration of the present SAT Reasoning Test is approximately 4 hours. The fee of the exam is US$43 for students in United States and US$68 for international students. If you do not register in time, you can register after you pay the late fee. SAT was introduced in 1901. Since then, its fees, name and scoring has changed several times. In 2005, the test was renamed as "SAT Reasoning Test" and the scoring was on the scale of 600 to 2400 which is obtained when you combine the scores of the three sections namely math, critical reading, and writing. The details of scores have been discussed subsequently. All about SAT can not be discussed in this passage. If you wish to know all about SAT you should visit the official web site of SAT. There are several web sites by famous publishers that discuss all about SAT, SAT registration and all about SAT courses.

About SAT Registration

College Board has a web site that can tell you about SAT test. You can open an online account with the official web site of College Board for SAT at the link given here. ( This account will not only provide you all the information about SAT test but also provide you the facility of registering online, printing your admission ticket, viewing your SAT scores. Consequently, this web site will provide you any information about SAT.

There are several advantages that you can have if you register online. You can choose the test date and test center online after checking the availability and you will get an instant confirmation about the registration. You have an access to round the clock registration with the facility of admission ticket printing. The best part about SAT registration online is that it is fast and there is no delay due to post.

Although online registration is the quickest way to register; but you also have an option to register by mail. If you want to pay by cheque or by money order or if you are younger than thirteen years, you have to register by mail. If you plan to register by mail, you need the registration booklet about SAT test, which is available at the school counselor's office or can be obtained by post. The registration form is included in the booklet about SAT test. The booklet also contains all the information details about SAT test. Standby registration is available if you miss the late registration deadline. An additional fee applies, and admission to a test center cannot be guaranteed.

About SAT Format

You should know about SAT format if you are planning to appear for the exam. As discussed before there are three major sections in the reasoning test. The writing section includes both multiple-choice questions and a direct writing measure in the form of an essay. The critical reading section includes short as well as long reading passages. Questions can be based on one, or sometimes two, reading passages. There are some questions in which you may be asked to complete sentences. The third section is mathematics. The duration of the actual test is 3 hours and 45 minutes. The conduct of the exam including administration and other necessities may take approximately four hours.

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