SAT Test

The SAT test(Scholastic Aptitude Test) measures the a SAT test takers

  • Math
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Reading knowledge
  • Other academic skills

SAT test is the most common standardization test throughout the US. Nearly 2 million students attend a SAT test in a year. Whatever be the standard of teaching in the schools this SAT test can proves a students capacity on the academic grounds. Any student opting to study after the high school needs to take a SAT test. SAT test is a three hours and forty five minutes long test. Merit based financial aid will be given in the undergraduate courses based on the SAT test scores. Some universities also insist on SAT II test scores for admission. SAT II is subject based tests. The student can choose any two or three subjects from

  • Math (level I or II)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Literature
  • French

The SAT test is controlled by the College Board, a national, nonprofit association 'dedicated to preparing, inspiring, and connecting students to college and opportunity'. This board has more than 4000 schools and universities in its membership list. It was founded in 1900. With their connecting service, the College Board connects more than 25000 high schools to 4000 colleges every year.

The SAT test is based on three scores,

  • Critical reading score
  • Math score
  • Writing score

Each of these sections have a score range of 200 and 800. For each part of the SAT test the median SAT score is 500, meaning that about 50 percent of all students score below 500 and about 50 percent of all students score 500 or above in SAT Test.

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