SAT Test Centers

College Board the official web site for SAT gives a list of SAT test centers.

To view the countries where you can register online are in the link below

College Board - SAT Test Center

The student can select a SAT test date and SAT Test center online itself. He can get a confirmation too.

SAT Test Fees

The SAT test fees comes totaling to $41.50. The juniors and seniors from the high school can get a SAT fee waiver based on their financial status. Up to four college fees can come under this fee waiver scheme. It is through the counselors that the students have to apply for this SAT Test fee waiver. Among the choice of four the student can take two waiver for SAT test and two for SAT II Test. For students who are applying late this SAT fee waiver is not allowed.

SAT I Fees

The SAT test reasoning fee is only $29.50.An international processing fee of $20 is laid on international registrants. For countries in India and Pakistan a fee of $20 has to be paid as Security surcharge fee. So totally it works out to be $69.50. In case of late registrations a late fee of $20 is to be added along with the total fees.

SAT Subject Test Fee

The registration fee for the SAT II is $17. An international processing fee of $20 is surcharged for international candidates. Security surcharge for taking the SAT test in India and Pakistan is $20. If the test is in written form a fee of $20 is charged. If the student opts to take a language test with listening a fee of $18 is to be remitted. For any other subject the student has to pay $8 each. A late registrant pays $20 extra.

The student can use his credit card to pay up. All three

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Master card

are valid credit cards.

The other modes of payment are

  • Bank Draft (Only Dollar Drafts are valid)
  • Checks drawn on US banks
  • US postal service Money orders
  • International money orders
  • UNESCO coupons
  • Postal reply coupons

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