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Following article will guide you in choosing the right SAT Prep course. Follow this article closely if you are a SAT Test Taker. The article discusses the advantages an disadvantages of SAT Prep courses available and guides you what are the factors to see and evaluate in choosing a SAT Prep course.

SAT Prep COURSE - Self Evaluation

Before deciding to get into a SAT Prep course it is very important to do a self evaluation. Self evaluation helps to identify where you stand in terms of Skill and need percentage of a SAT Prep course.

Diagnostic SAT Test

Do not just rush and enroll to any SAT Prep course. Taking a diagnostic SAT Test is very important step in SAT Preparation. A SAT Diagnostic test will help you to identify what is your present skill level, What are your strength areas, weakness spots. Lots of Free diagnostic tests are available online. Download one of them and take 1 - 2 tests. Measure what you score in the diagnostic test.

Things to measure after diagnostic test

  • Overall Score
  • Score in Individual Question Types
  • Section wise score
  • Time taken for the overall test
  • Time taken for Individual Question types
  • Time taken for each section
  • Time taken for each question
  • List of Weak areas based on the above factors
  • List of stronger areas based on the above factors

Once you have all stats of your skill level after a diagnostic test see to that the SAT Prep course which you are about to choose helps you in increasing your skill and time management in weaker areas.

Study Habits

Answer to the following questions. Determining your study habits is also an important factor in choosing a SAT Prep course

  • Do you study alone or prefer to study in group
  • Do you always devote considerable amount of time when you study alone
  • Do you plan and study
  • Are you self motivated or always you need a mentor to motivate you
  • Are you disciplined in self study

If the answer to all the above points is 80% - 100% "yes" then you are not in a need of a separate SAT Prep course.

If your answer percentage stays somewhere between 40% - 80%, you will have to seriously consider a good SAT Prep course in assisting your SAT Preparation.


Following are the advantages in enrolling into a SAT Prep COURSE

  • Time Saving
  • Expert Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Disciplined
  • Planned Study
  • Review and Correction of mistakes
  • Learn from fellow students

SAT Test Prep Course - Cons

Following may be a disadvantages in a SAT Prep Course

  • High Cost
  • Good Self study methods are available
  • Not enough focus on individuals
  • Poorly designed study materials
  • Firemen practice tests and coaching
  • in Experienced Faculty

What is a Good SAT Prep Course

A Good SAT Prep course will consist of the following listed factors in it

  • Have exhaustive practice questions with explanations
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Good study material
  • Focus on individual
  • Practice Tests
  • Discussion on Mistakes
  • Review sessions after practice Tests
  • Reputation of the Test Prep Company offering the SAT Prep course

Things To Do while undergoing a SAT Test prep course?

You should put your equal effort after SAT Prep course and makes sure that you utilize the SAT Prep course to its fullest extent. You should allocate some time and review what has happened in the SAT Prep course in your home. Also make sure that you note down all your queries, doubts and concerns while you are preparing at home and make sure that you get them all answered by your faculty in your SAT Prep course.

If No SAT Prep Course

  • Make sure you get best test prep software
  • Practice Practice and Practice
  • Design a practical follow able study plan and follow that
  • Allocate separate time for study - say 2 hrs to 6 hrs in a day

Hope we have tried to clear some myths about SAT Prep COURSES. There is no magical path which will fetch you a good SAT score. Preparation and Practice are the two keys that will take you to your destination. Concluding, not all need a SAT Prep course. Many Top scorers achieve good scores without SAT Prep courses while many achieve good scores with a good SAT Prep course. Evaluating weather you need a SAT Prep course and then acting according to your self evaluation is the best approach.

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