2012 SAT Test Dates

Identify the ideal SAT test dates for 2012, 2013

What are the SAT test dates?

Knowing the test dates for SAT is the most vital step while preparing for SAT as it helps you schedule your preparation accordingly. The 2012 SAT test dates assist you in maintaining a logical preparation routine. It is these test dates, based on which, you need to make your study routine. The College Board conducts SAT on many dates, which cover almost a year. The test-takers can select the appropriate 2012 SAT test dates, which match well with their daily schedule. The College Board has a special provision of Sunday testing for those test-takers who are bound by some religious observance. Those test-takers, who are barred from testing on Saturday, can avail the Sunday testing service. The test-takers are allocated the Sunday, following the scheduled testing day, i.e., Saturday. The test-takers registering for Sunday testing must use paper registration form.

The College Board allocates separate 2012 SAT test dates for US and US territory students and the International test-takers. Hence, without further ado, let us check the available test dates for the US and International students in the following paragraphs:

What are the 2012 SAT test dates for the students in US and US territories?

The official webpage of the College Board gives the 2012 SAT test dates. You must keep in mind that the US registration deadlines vary according to test dates. Accordingly, the test dates are provided to the students. Moreover, the SAT Subject Tests are not available on every 2012 SAT test dates.

2012 SAT test dates (US students):

Test dates Test Registration deadline (regular) Late registration(includes fee)
January 28, 2012 SAT & Subject Test December 30, 2011 January 13, 2012
March 10, 2012 SAT only February 10, 2012 February 24, 2012
May 5, 2012 SAT & Subject Test April 6, 2012 April 20, 2012
June 2, 2012 SAT & Subject Test May 8, 2012 May 22, 2012

There are some important things to note here. The US deadlines are applicable only to US and US territory students. Those testing on March 10 shall not have the SAT Subject Test. The Language with Listening Test is only conducted in November.

What are the 2012 SAT test dates for International students?

The College Board specifies different dates for international test-takers. The students taking the test from outside US and US territories fall under the category of International students.

2012 SAT test dates (international students):

Test Dates Test Early International Registration Deadlines Regular International Registration Deadlines
January 28, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests December 20, 2011 December 30, 2011
May 5, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests March 27, 2012 April 6, 2012
June 2, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests April 24, 2012 May 8, 2012

The international students must keep in mind certain information about these 2012 SAT test dates. The deadline expires at midnight according to the Eastern Time and hence, all registration materials must be sent before the deadline. There are no provisions for late registration for international students. Registration over phone or through mail must be completed before the deadline. Those test-takers who are applying through international representatives, must submit their registration details within the early registration deadline. The SAT has no test dates in March for test-takers outside the US or US territories. The language with Listening Test is offered only in November. The test-takers, who face difficulties in testing on a Saturday, may avail Sunday testing. They will take SAT the day after the Saturday SAT test day, i.e. on Sunday.

These 2012 SAT test dates come with certain restrictions for international test takers. Be sure you go through them before applying for SAT.

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