2012 SAT dates

What is the Testing Schedule for 2012?

The College Board, when declaring the testing schedule of a particular year also declares the score release dates along with the test dates so that it is convenient for both students and colleges to follow up and receive scores. The scores are available both online and in paper form, both for applicants and the desired colleges as marked by the applicants when they register for the exam. Of the seven 2012 SAT dates, only four have been released as of now, along with the score release dates. These 2012 SAT dates are in the months of January, March, May and June and what follows ahead is a detailed description of the testing schedule and the score release schedules of these dates respectively.

2012 SAT dates and Deadlines

The first of the four 2012 SAT dates, is on January 28, 2012. The deadline for registration for this test date is on December 30, 2011 (regular) and January 13, 2012 (with late fees). Both the SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests are offered on this day. 2012 SAT dates for international applicants are the same too, although the deadline for the registration varies. For the first of the 2012 SAT dates, i.e. January 28, 2012, international applicants need to register by December 20, 2011 (early entry) and December 30, 2011 (as regular entry). The second of the four 2012 SAT dates is on March 10, 2012, but only for applicants in the US and US territories. This date is not open to international students. The last date for registration for this SAT test date is February 10, 2012 (regular) and February 24, 2012 with late fees. Only the SAT Reasoning Test shall be administered on this date, not the SAT Subject Tests. The College Board often takes into consideration the religious observances and practices of many cultures and allows for Sunday testing for students who observe religious practices on 2012 SAT dates falling on a Saturday. The third test date for the 2012 SAT dates falls on May 5, 2012 with registration deadlines of April 6, 2012 (regular) and April 20, 2012 (with late fees). This test date is same for international students but the registration deadlines are March 27, 2012 (early entry) and April 6, 2012 (as regular entry). The fourth date for the SAT in 2012 is in June and both the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests would be administered on May as well as June dates. The deadline for the June testing schedule is May 8, 2012 (regular) and May 22, 2012 (with late fees). For international applicants the deadline dates are April 24, 2012 (early entry) and May 8, 2012 (as regular entry). Know more about the SAT testing schedule and deadlines at http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-dates .

2012 SAT Score Release Dates

For applicants who register online with the College Board website, scores are available within three weeks of the test dates in their My SAT Account on the College Board website. For applicants who enrolled by mail, paper results are made available within 5-6 weeks of the exam and these are sent out to the colleges they mentioned during registration around the same time as well. Applicants who enrolled online can also receive paper scores if they mention that during their registration. Applicants sitting for the SAT on January 28, 2012 will be able to access their results on the web by February 16, 2012, the same date on which the results will be dispatched to colleges and the students who requested for a paper score. These paper scores should reach the students/colleges within the last week of February, 2012. The second of the four 2012 SAT dates falls on March 10, 2012, the scores of which would be available on the web by March 29, 2012 and the first week of April via mail. The entire testing and score schedule can be accessed by applicants at http://sat.collegeboard.org/scores/availability.

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