Tools to Help Study for PSAT

Study for PSAT with these Online Tools

PSAT or Preliminary SAT prepares you for the SAT exam. The ideal time to take this test is during your junior year (11th grade) of high school. If you want to score high in the exam, you have to begin studying early in your school days. This test demands taking tough academic courses and studying subjects in depth during your high school studies.

How do you Study for the PSAT?

If you want to prepare well for the test, you must select a mixture of study modes. The internet has become the most pervasive medium of accessing information for exams in the current scenario. The following information provides details of how you can use several online tools.

Consult PSAT/ NMSQT Official Student Guide

To gain information about the test, refer to the official website of the PSAT and consult the PSAT/ NMSQT Official Student Guide ( It consists of:

  • sample questions based on the major test sections (Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing) for practice
  • full-length practice sets
  • instructions to approach difficult questions
  • answer explanations for every practice question

Get Command Over Vocabulary

You can access various websites to get a good command over English vocabulary so that you can score high in the Critical Reading and the Writing sections. For instance, you can consult the website This will help you in successfully attempting the Sentence Completion questions where you need to complete a sentence with one or more words and thus, score high in the Writing test section.

Refer to Online Test Prep Classes

College Board (

    The College Board provides access to:

  • several practice questions related to every test section
  • instructions to correctly attempt difficult questions
  • full-length practice sets
  • answers to all the practice questions in detail

Kaplan Test Prep (

The Kaplan test prep plans comprise:

  • Online Test Prep on Demand

    It involves preparing for the PSAT test online anytime (24/7 access) and from anywhere.

  • Complete PSAT Prep

    It entails online classroom instructions that you can access at a specific time but from anywhere. You can interact with subject experts as well as with your classroom peers through the online chat mode.

  • PSAT Premier Tutoring

    This encompasses one-to-one tutoring facility to students. This test prep plan is customized i.e. it is based on each student’s need to overcome weaknesses, ability to learn etc.

Note: These test prep plans include the Smart Track technology and the Smart Report technology. The Smart Track technology helps experts in delivering online instructions and keeps track of the assignments that you do after every instruction. The Smart Report technology provides a report about your performance to you and to your parents.

The Princeton Review’s Test Prep (

The Princeton Review offers several test prep plans to prepare for the test. They are mentioned below:

  • Private Tutoring

    You can avail customized test preparation i.e. it is based on your need to overcome weaknesses and your pace of learning new concepts. It provides one-to-one tutoring. This helps you in getting attention from the experts and thus, accounts for your speedy improvements.

  • Small Group Instructions

    Experts provide online instructions to students studying in small groups. It has the advantage of providing satisfactory attention to each student in a small classroom setting.

  • PSAT 101

    This test prep plan is focused on the above average students who want to score very high in the exam.

  • Online Courses

    These online courses run according to the convenience of students. You can access them at your own pace.

If you search for information on the internet, you can get a lot of it but only some of the information available on the websites is authentic and helpful. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned online prep tools have proved their worth for getting success in the PSAT exam.