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How to Make the Optimum Use of Vocabulary Lists for PSAT

PSAT words are an important part of your PSAT test. This is because two-thirds of the PSAT test assesses your ability to use PSAT words. Maintaining a vocabulary list is an important part of learning PSAT words. Vocabulary lists enable you to progress on a daily basis when you set yourself the target of completing about 20 PSAT words a day. You can use vocabulary lists to create flashcards that are easy for carrying and learning PSAT words.

Here are some links to wordlists you can use to study PSAT words.

This website includes links to word lists that are categorized based on the difficulty level of the words. There are intermediate word lists and advanced word lists. You can access about 15 word lists. The word lists are provided in PDF format that you can download and read. You can even take a printout of the word lists to read at your convenience. You can also make flashcards by cutting the printouts so that they are easy to carry. The site also includes vocabulary tests to check your progress.

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This website is replete with vocabulary games of all kinds. The website includes the link to a tool that allows you to build your PSAT vocabulary using the online vocabulary software. The software is aimed at building vocabulary especially for standardized tests. The site also includes free PSAT vocabulary practice tests.

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You need to subscribe to this website to be able to gain the optimum information from this site. The site includes high frequency PSAT words taken from the Barron’s Guide. The site includes flashcards that you need to flip to check the meaning of the word.

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Cabrini High School

The Cabrini High School website includes a list of high frequency PSAT words based on Barron’s high frequency list. It appears that each word in the list appeared in the PSAT at least four times during the years 1980 through 1999.

The link to this website is

Word Nerd

This is another popular site to look up word lists for the PSAT test. You will need to register and log in to the site to access the resources. Words are categorized into “smartsets”, which display a word and all the associated words. The definition and pronunciation of the word is displayed so that you remember more effectively. At the end of the smartest, a quiz is displayed to test your understanding of the word. A list of roots, prefixes, and suffixes is also provided that enables you to understand words better. Studying the root words, prefixes, and suffixes also enables you to identify a word that you are unsure of during the test.

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Vocabulary is an integral part of the PSAT test mostly because it is so widely tested in the exam. You cannot learn vocabulary or memorize vocabulary within a short span of time. It is a skill that requires time and is gradually built through the usage of the terms. Vocabulary lists are helpful because they provide you with a list of words at a glance. However, you need to optimally use vocabulary lists by trying to use the terms you have learned. Also, make sure that you study root words, prefixes, and suffixes carefully because they help you to make an intelligent guess during the test, where it might not be possible to recollect information. Thus, use vocabulary lists wisely to ensure that you build your vocabulary so well that you can answer almost any type of question in the PSAT test, sentence-completion or sentence structure.

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