PSAT Vocabulary

Why is PSAT Vocabulary Important?

Preliminary SAT comprises three major test sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing .You have to master PSAT vocabulary so that you can successfully attempt the Critical Reading and the Writing sections of the PSAT.

The Critical Reading section consists of:

  • Sentence Completion questions

    These types of questions consist of an incomplete sentence with one or two blanks to be filled in. You have to choose an option from among the five given options that best completes the sentence.

  • Passage-Based Reading

    You have to read a passage carefully and answer the questions based on the passage. To answer those questions you have to select one from among the five given options.

The Writing section comprises:

  • Identifying Sentence Errors

    A sentence is given. Some of the elements of the sentence are underlined. You have to identify the error in the sentence.

  • Improving Sentences

    A sentence is given. Some portions of the sentence are underlined. The underlined portions are to be improved according to the conventions of standard written English.

  • Improving Paragraphs

    A paragraph is given. The sentences of the paragraph are numbered. Portions of some of the sentences of the paragraph are to be improved according to the conventions of standard written English.

Why is PSAT Vocabulary Important?

PSAT vocabulary refers to the tough words that you should learn to strengthen your preparation for the Critical Reading and the Writing test portions of the PSAT.

Here are the points that signify the importance of PSAT vocabulary:

  • PSAT vocabulary improves your reading and comprehension skills thus, helping to score high in the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the PSAT.
  • PSAT vocabulary is important as it improves your spellings that are helpful for scoring well in the Essay section.
  • It aids in expressing your ideas effectively.
  • PSAT vocabulary boosts your confidence and thus, aids in scoring high in the exam.

How Can You Master PSAT Vocabulary?

Ultimate Vocabulary

You can use the software Ultimate Vocabulary to master PSAT vocabulary. It assists you in:

  • getting a lot of information about a word that helps you in memorizing the meaning of the word
  • getting an idea of how to use a word in a sentence and this also helps in understanding the meaning of the word
  • doing practice with vocabulary exercises such as synonym tests, antonym tests, word recall tests, spelling tests etc.
  • using flash cards which are a stack of cards that contain words on one side and their meanings on the other side
  • tracking your progress with the help of the Learning Curve

You can visit the link for more details.

PSAT vocabulary with fun

You also have the option to work on your PSAT vocabulary in an interesting and fun-filled manner. You can play games online. The games are listed below:

  • Crossword puzzle- you have to solve puzzles related to the given questions
  • Word search- The words are jumbled in grids. You have to locate and outline the correct words within the grids.
  • Unscramble words- you have to unscramble words to get the correct word.
  • Vocabulary Test Me- you have to read definitions of words and select the meanings of the words from among the given options.

If you wish to get more information about such games, you can log on to the webpage

Flash cards

Flash cards are the most popular and the most effective option for strengthening your PSAT vocabulary. For this, you can refer to the website of Quizlet where you can learn to make and use flashcards. You can also access several flashcards created by other users. Moreover, you can discuss flashcards online with your peers.

PSAT vocabulary books

You can refer to some of the best vocabulary books such as:

  • Cracking the PSAT 2012

    The Princeton Review has written this book. It contains the Hit Parade of important PSAT vocabulary words. To get more information you can refer to the webpage

  • Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT 2010

    This book contains about 1000 vocabulary words. To get information in detail you can go to the link

    By now, you would have realized that if you master PSAT vocabulary using various aids such as vocabulary software, books, flashcards, games etc. you will surely get success in the PSAT.

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