PSAT Vocabulary Words

PSAT Vocabulary Lists for Above-Average Students

PSAT vocabulary words are an integral part of the PSAT test because two-thirds of the PSAT test is based on your knowledge and understanding of vocabulary. PSAT vocabulary words are tested in the Critical Reading and Writing Skills sections.

PSAT vocabulary words are essential to solve the questions that appear in the PSAT test. You can make a list of your own PSAT vocabulary words. You can compile your own list based on the various word lists available in prep books and on websites.

You can list the PSAT vocabulary words as flashcards for your convenience. Flashcards are a good way to learn when you are on the move. A few sites offer lists of PSAT vocabulary words in easy printable format. You can take printouts of the words and cut them to the flashcard size.

Listed in this article are the links to a few wordlists that will help you to prepare for the PSAT vocabulary.

  • Word Nerd

    The Word Nerd site is a popular site to look up PSAT vocabulary words for the PSAT test. As with most other sites, you need to register and log in to the site to access the PSAT vocabulary word list. In Word Nerd, the words are categorized into “smartsets”. The “smartsets” display a word and all the associated words. The definition and pronunciation of the word is also displayed so that you remember the word more effectively. At the end of the “smartset”, a quiz is displayed to test your understanding of the word. A list of roots, prefixes, and suffixes is also provided that enables you to understand words better. Studying the root words, prefixes, and suffixes also enables you to identify a word that you are unsure of during the test.

    The link to this website is


    This website includes links to word lists in the form of PDFs that you can save on your computer. The word lists are categorized based on the difficulty level of the words. There are intermediate word lists and advanced word lists. You can access about 15 word lists. You can download each PDF and even take printouts for later use. The site also includes vocabulary tests to check your progress in learning vocabulary.

    The link to this website is


    This is a unique website because it is replete with vocabulary games. You can build your PSAT vocabulary words using the online vocabulary software. You can access the software using the links in the website. The software helps you to build your vocabulary especially for standardized tests, such as PSAT. You can use the free PSAT vocabulary words practice tests to check your progression in learning vocabulary.

    The link to this website is

    Building vocabulary requires consistent and diligent effort. You need to refer to your PSAT vocabulary words on a regular, almost daily, basis to be able to learn words effectively. You must also attempt to use the words in your day-to-day routine, such as writing and speaking so that the meaning is firmly rooted in your mind. There is no better way to learn than to use the words. In addition, you must supplement your task of learning vocabulary by reading widely on a variety of topics. Reading also improves your reading skills because you improve the pace of reading and identifying the meaningful information quickly. Thus, make sure that you practice regularly and learn about the usage of root words, suffixes, and prefixes. Remember that although you might feel that you have not learned enough words for the PSAT, you will have in effect started the process toward the SAT test.

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