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How to Select a PSAT Training Class

Studying for the PSAT is not an overnight accomplishment. The PSAT test questions are based on the knowledge you have gained over your school years. Thus, it is a gradual process wherein the knowledge is ingrained and you are required to use it under test conditions. However, there are many concepts that you might not remember and this is where you need to study and practice. There are many methods of preparing for the PSAT; you can opt for classroom PSAT training, private tutorials, online tutorials, or just preparing by yourself. If you opt for self-study, you can combine it with online tutorials and prep books. This article focuses on PSAT training classes. It helps you to understand the things you need to keep in mind before selecting a training class and also lists a few of the popular PSAT training classes.

How to Select a PSAT Training Class

You need to be very careful when selecting a PSAT training class. Make sure that you go through the information first to understand what each PSAT training class offers and then select one according to your requirement. Ideally, you do not need to attend more than one PSAT training class because it will unnecessarily load you with the same information. Moreover, you will not have time to go through the study material provided nor will you have the time to complete your schoolwork. Thus, it is imperative to check out what each class has to offer and select accordingly so that you do not waste time in tutorial classes. For example, if you are weak in Math but can do more than reasonably well in English, it would be better for you to opt for a class that focuses on Math more than English. Listed below are a few popular PSAT training classes.

  1. Princeton Review

    Princeton Review is a prep company that offers PSAT training in a variety of formats: classroom tutorials, private tutorials, group tutorials, and so on. The Princeton Review PSAT training classes are interactive, thus allowing you to discuss your queries and listening to queries from other students. The course is conducted in small batches of students so that each student receives maximum attention from the tutor. This also raises the comfort level of students because it is a smaller group where you can interact easily. The course includes full-length practice tests in addition to the study material.

    You can find more details about the Princeton Review PSAT tutorial on this website

  2. Kaplan

    Kaplan also offers a variety of options for PSAT training: classroom, online, and private tutorials. The Kaplan is another popular choice for PSAT training, mostly because the course is personalized. In addition, the course also includes practice tests to track your progress in preparing for the PSAT. Like most other courses, Kaplan also assures you of PSAT scores that are higher than the average PSAT scores or you get your money back.

    You can access more information about the courses offered by Kaplan on this website

  3. PrepMe

    Before you can embark on the PrepMe PSAT training, you must take a diagnostic test that analyzes your academic strengths and weaknesses. PrepMe analyzes your strengths and weaknesses on the basis of various skill areas, such as Vocabulary, Algebra, and so on. Thereafter, the course is personalized or customized according to your skills. The topics are interactive that help you to learn and reinforce concepts. You are also provided with full-length practice tests to track your progress.

    For more information about the PrepMe PSAT training course, see

    You must focus on your strengths and weaknesses when preparing for the PSAT. Choose a PSAT training class wisely, so that you do not have to spend money on another PSAT training class in case you are not satisfied with your preparation.

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