Taking the PSAT in Texas

How to Select a Test Center and Date for PSAT in Texas

PSAT Test Dates in Texas

PSAT is conducted twice a year in the month of October. To get detailed information regarding the upcoming test dates you can log on to the webpage http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/psat/deadlines.

The College Board does not arrange for PSAT. It is administered by the participating high schools that are situated in Texas (USA).

How to Select a Test Date

  • Look for Convenience

    Select a test date according to your convenience i.e. the date must suit all of your obligations such as any family or religious obligations.

  • Consider your Preparation

    You have to choose a test date according to your preparation of the major test sections (Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills).

  • Aspire for The National Merit Scholarship

    If you want to achieve the scholarship award that is organized by the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation), you have to take the test during the junior year of high school. Thus, you can select a test date if you are studying in your junior year (11th grade) of high school. If you pass the competition for the award of the National Merit Scholarship, you will start getting scholarship for your college level study.

PSAT Test Centers in Texas

If you study in Texas and are planning to take this test, you have to visit the following link: https://psatordering.collegeboard.com/pno/public/search.do and begin to search for the high school from where you want to take the test. Most students wish to take this exam from the high school from where they have completed their under graduation course. However, you require knowing your high school’s name, address, location and its code.

If your high school is not participating, you can then search for another high school that is convenient for you, based on its suitability for the test date, location etc.

How to Select a Test Center

Prefer to choose your high school as the test center. This will help you in accessing information and instructions easily from your school counselor or the principal.  However, if your school is not participating in the administration, you can choose another local high school that is convenient for you to arrive at.

The high school from where you wish to take the test may not allow you to take it from their place. Although, you can get a list of participating colleges from the official website, you cannot get such details about the schools along with their names and address.

Along with the test date and test center, you should also know about the universities and colleges in Texas that welcome SAT scores. This will give you an idea of the scores that you have to obtain in the PSAT. Mentioned below are some of the educational institutions of Texas and the SAT scores that they consider:

University of Texas at Austin

This university is among one of the top 100 universities in the United States. Moreover, it ranks seventh in Texas in the category of students who come from abroad and prefer to take admission in this university. It comprises various colleges such as Colleges of Architecture, Business, Communication, Education etc.

You can log on to the webpage http://bealonghorn.utexas.edu/whyut/profile/scores to get information about average SAT scores of freshmen that have been admitted to the University for studying at different colleges.

Texas A & M University

This university encourages students from all over world to take admission to avail of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Preparing for PSAT is not enough. You need to plan for the test date that will be most suitable for you. Besides, you also have to plan for the most convenient test center. The above discussion, obviously, is the guide path for PSAT aspirants.