PSAT Testing Locations

5 Things to Consider When You Select a PSAT Test Location

About the PSAT Test Locations:

The PSAT is administered only by high schools. The high schools serve as PSAT testing locations and conduct the test on any of the two testing dates. The PSAT is conducted only twice in October in a year. The third Saturday of October and its preceding Wednesday are the two testing dates for PSAT in a year. The high schools or the PSAT testing locations select any of these two dates to administer the PSAT. Hence, if you have to choose the PSAT testing locations, you can choose either your own high school or any other high school that will be suitable for you. There are various matters, which you should consider before selecting your testing location, which are discussed under the following heading.

Some Requisites You Should Stress upon Your Selection of Testing Locations:

There are certain essential matters, which you must consider while choosing your PSAT testing locations. In the following sub-headings, let us discuss what they are:

  • Landmark: the testing location or the high school that you wish to choose for taking PSAT, has to be situated in such a location, so that, you can reach it effortlessly. You must remember, the administration of PSAT generally starts early in the morning. You have to arrive at the testing location at least an hour before the administration of the test. This means, you must have sufficient conveyance between your home and the testing location, in case you don’t have your own car. However, even if you do have a car, you must make sure that you have a reliable route to your PSAT testing locations, which has the least traffic in it.

  • Testing Date: as mentioned earlier, the high school administers PSAT on any of the two testing dates in October. For instance, if your own high school administers PSAT on the testing date, which is suitable for you, then obviously select it as your PSAT testing location. However, if you want to take PSAT on another day, then choose the high school which is conducting PSAT on that day.

  • Inhibitions: the Saturday testing date of the PSAT is in conflict with certain religious practices which forbid testing on Saturday. Certain religious sanctions hold that its disciple should not sit for any tests on Saturdays. If you come under the category of such sanctions, you must select the Wednesday testing date for PSAT. In case your own high school has not selected the Wednesday PSAT testing date, you have to choose one of the PSAT testing locations, administering PSAT on Wednesday.

  • Rules and Regulations: you must go through the rules and regulations of the PSAT testing locations which you wish to choose. Your testing center or the high school which you want to select may have, besides the standard PSAT testing rules, their own particular sets of rules and patterns which you must abide. Such conditions may include certain belongings which are forbidden from the testing locations, such as food, paper scripts, etc.

  • Reputation: if you are not taking PSAT in your own high school, research more about the reputation of the high school you like to choose. Keep a lookout whether the high school administered PSAT successfully in the past. Find out whether the staff at the exam center is cordial or whether they have the right equipments and setup for conducting PSAT.

The above-mentioned tips are the basic five things which you must take into account before you are choosing one of the perfect PSAT testing locations for yourself. You should abide by the above recommendation to avoid any kind of errors in your selection. Follow those primary standpoints before you decide upon the testing locations. It is very important that you make the right choice!

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