PSAT Test Prep

Different PSAT Test Prep Approaches

PSAT is short for Preliminary SAT. It is often referred to as PSAT/NMSQT. NMSQT stand for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. PSAT/NMSQT is administered by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). This test is primarily administered to offer scholarships to candidates who score brilliantly in PSAT. Moreover, it is taken by many test takers as a first-hand experience for SAT. PSAT is a highly competitive test and it requires you to be very competent to get through the stiff competition that you would face while you take this test. You can gain confidence and competence only if you put in sincere efforts throughout your PSAT test prep period.

PSAT Test Prep Approaches

There are different ways in which students taking the PSAT approach towards their PSAT test prep process. It typically depends upon the student’s ability to sort his/her preferences pertaining to factors like strengths, weaknesses, and feasibility to name a few. Some prefer going to a coaching institute for PSAT test prep classes, some prepare for self and other prepare online. To mention broadly, these are the three ways of PSAT test prep approaches we could consider to understand the preparation process in detail. It is advised by many experts and tutors that attending a PSAT test prep coaching institute would be of more help than other kinds of preparation approaches. However, it depends upon the student to clearly decide upon the preparation approach that he/she would prefer.

There are many coaching institutes and tutorials currently that train students to achieve high scores in the PSAT. They provide the required study materials, classroom training sessions, practice sessions and practice tests to help students gain more knowledge and competence. Students who prepare online usually subscribe to online video tutorials and then practice themselves. Online PSAT test prep is a bit more comfortable though you may miss out some crucial advantages like doubt clarifications and comprehensive explanations that coaching institutes offer. Students who prepare for self buy some good guides and refer to free online prep materials and practice tests for their PSAT test prep process.

What Does PSAT Consist of?

Basically, PSAT question paper consists of questions that are asked based upon the syllabus you might have covered till your tenth grade. The PSAT test paper consists of three sections namely the Math section, the Critical Reading section and the Writing Skills section. It lasts for two-hours and ten-minutes. You can visit the following link to know more about the test paper particulars.

How to Prepare for PSAT?

Prior to starting your PSAT test prep process, understand the whole of PSAT test paper in detail. Read the entire information pertaining to the PSAT that is available on the official website of the PSAT. The following points would help you to plan your PSAT test prep process.

  • Very firstly, estimate your abilities. Your strengths, weaknesses must be known to you. This helps in time management both while preparation and also while taking the test. If you clearly have an idea of your abilities, only then can you attempt the paper well.
  • Depending upon your requirement and confidence on your abilities, you can follow any one of the above mentioned PSAT test prep approaches.
  • Cultivate the habit of being time bound. Even if it is a single question, practice keeping time in mind.
  • Practicing extensively can be your only hope. Put in more hours towards practicing more and more questions. If you spend one hour for reading and understanding concepts, spend five hours on practicing questions on those respective concepts because concepts are always standard but questions can be twisted to check your skills.
  • Motivate yourself when you feel down because of low scores. When you can firmly believe in your abilities to achieve high PSAT scores, then you can certainly do.

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