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The Best PSAT Prep Software

PSAT is approximately attempted by 3.5 million students. Owing to this very fact, you can imagine the magnitude of the competition that you would have to face while taking the test. To be successful in PSAT, you will have to be very much competent. Confidence and competence can both be gained only through dedicated preparation. Your preparation is all that matters for your success. Furthermore, you must be planned throughout your pursuit.

How Students Generally Prepare?

There are different ways in which students prefer preparing for PSAT. Some prefer preparation at a coaching tutorial and some others prefer preparing for PSAT by self. Also, in the past decade, due to the growing demand for online study methods, many institutes have started offering online video tutorials, study materials, PSAT software for the students who wish to prepare for PSAT online. PSAT software is available through the internet. It depends upon your requirement that you choose PSAT software. Basically, using PSAT software for your preparation process offers you with a more interactive learning atmosphere. You can have a hassle-free preparation experience with PSAT software.

Choosing the Best PSAT Software

PSAT software makes your learning process easy because of the following reasons.

  • You need not carry your materials in the form of heavy books.
  • Searching for a specific topic that you wish to learn can be easily done through PSAT software.
  • PSAT software generates many numbers of random questions for your practice.

Choosing good PSAT software is very important because you invest both your time and money. Following are feedbacks on some of the best PSAT software that are available currently. Decide upon the software that can give you a good knowledge and eventually help you out to score great in the PSAT.

PSAT Platinum 2012

PSAT Platinum 2012 is the latest version of software prep material from the company, Topics Entertainment and Headroom Learning. It is a full-fledged preparation software for PSAT. It is priced at US $49.99 and is a complete learning guide providing you full-length tests for practice, teaching tools for you to effectively learn tactics, academic content covering every single topic effectively, help and support for you to have a hassle-free learning process throughout your preparation period. It claims that it is the latest PSAT software among all the other ones that are available currently. Although there are some problems being reported regarding some question and answers, you can surely rely upon this software for your preparation. You can visit the following link to know more in detail about what this software has to offer you.

ACT, PSAT, SAT 2010 Platinum Edition

This PSAT software is a product of Ventura Educational Systems and is considered one of the best in the market. Though it did not have recent uplifts, it has a very comprehensive coverage of all the topics needed to be covered. It includes over 3000 test questions, 17 full-length PSAT practice tests, preparation tactics and strategic tips for saving your time, detailed score feedback and analysis and extra online resources. It is priced at US $47.95. You can visit the following link to know more about this test prep software and buy it.

Kaplan SAT/ACT/PSAT Gold Edition

Kaplan needs no introduction. It is one of the best coaching institutes since decades providing different kinds of services to all of its students. This preparation software by Kaplan is very detail oriented and success-focused. You might also want to check out the Platinum Edition of the software which costs you 10 more dollars than the Gold Edition. The Gold Edition lacks the information regarding college admissions and tuitions which are quite not necessary. The rest of the content is almost the same for both the versions. They contain very comprehensive academic syllabi explanations, mammoth number of tests, teaching tools, extra support for you.

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