Points To Be Remembered While Signing Up For The PSAT

How Can You Sign Up for PSAT Online?

This is an entrance test clearing which you will be eligible for the scholarship competition that is organized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). The test is administered by the College Board and the NMSC twice annually. This article explains to you how you can register for the test.

How Can You Not Sign Up for PSAT?

Normally, there might exist some misconceptions regarding the procedures to sign up due to the whole system seeming analogous to that of SAT. But, please note that unlike SAT, sign up for this test cannot be made online. Online registration is not at all available for PSAT. However, once the scores are made available, you can check them online.

How and Where to Sign Up for PSAT?

You can register through a high school in your local community or even your high school provided that it is a College Board member. This is because, though the test is administered by the College Board, the test is offered through the high schools. Unlike the College Board SAT administration, this examination is not administered by the College Board by selecting particular test centers. You must choose the test center in your locality if your school does not offer the test. If your school offers the PSAT, then you can proceed to approach your school regarding the test. The registration process can be completed directly from your high school or the school in your locality that you might have selected. After registering for the test all your details will be forwarded to the College Board by the high school you have registered with. In this manner you can sign up for the test.

Furthermore, each high school that offers the test is allowed to administer it only on one of the two test dates. So, make sure that you approach the appropriate school considering this point. You can however contact your high school counselor or principal to find out about the signing up procedures, payment of test fees, and knowing the correct date, time of the test. You can also visit the following link to know more about the registration process  details.


PSAT Sign Up for Home Schooled Student

If you are a home-schooled student, then you must first contact a principal or counselor at a high school in your locality and request for PSAT registration. You must be very cautious and it is advised that you start the signing up process for the October test right before June. This is because, this kind of registrations take a bit time. Your details will be forwarded to the College Board specifying your choice of testing location. This has to happen within the time for the reason that the College Board arranges for your test material at the testing center of your choice. Your score reports will be directly sent to your home or the school at which you take the test.

International Students

If you hail from any other country other than USA, you will need an English speaking educator registering on behalf of you. He will help you through the procedure, pay your exam fee and receive the Official Student Guide.

If You Missed PSAT

There is a chance that you may miss the PSAT. It is administered only twice in a year in the month of October. Many students take this test as a practice test for the SAT. If you are concerned about any such issue, you will be provided with the Official Student Guide for PSAT/NMSQT or SAT Preparation Booklet which contains a full-length practice test for you to take under timed conditions for practice. Hence, this way, there are many sources available for you to complete your prepartion and take the test. You can visit the following links to know more about such resources.