PSAT Scores Online

How Can You Obtain PSAT Scores Online

The anxiousness to know how well you have scored in PSAT is a common phenomenon. The online method of displaying scores is an easy way to find out about your performance in the PSAT test. You can now find your detailed PSAT scores online. Besides your scores, you can also find out how you have scored in comparison to other students.

My College QuickStart&™

The My College QuickStart&™ kit is your resource for understanding your PSAT scores online. It is a free personalized planning kit that is available to those students who have appeared for the PSAT/NMSQT test. The kit includes the My Online Score Report, My SAT Study Plan, My Personality, My Major & Career Matches, and My College Matches. All the available tools help you to plan and prepare for college. It is a useful kit because it helps you to understand your personality, gauge your strengths and weaknesses, and select a course that is suited to your interests.

Advantage of Viewing PSAT Scores Online

The advantage of viewing your PSAT scores online is that you can view your correct answers, incorrect answers, omitted questions, the level of difficulty of the question, and so on. This information allows you to focus on the areas or skills when you prepare for the SAT test. The four important sections in the PSAT scores online report are your section-wise scores, score range, national percentile, and state percentile. The percentiles give you an idea about how well placed you are in comparison to students who are competing for the National Merit Scholarships.

Reading Your PSAT Report Online

To read your PSAT scores online, you will need to go to the College Board website and sign in using your login credentials: You then need to click on My Online Score Report.

The sections (Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Skills) are arranged in tabs for easy navigation. You need to click the respective tab to view your PSAT scores in the section. Your estimated SAT scores in each section are also displayed when you access your PSAT scores online. When you view you PSAT scores online, you also receive useful instructions about using your scores.

The ‘Your Skills’ tab instructs you to select a skill where you have not done well, read and understand the answer, and then try to answer the question again. The skills are listed under the ‘Skills’ section and are quick links to your scores for that particular skill. For example, when you access your PSAT scores online, click the Mathematics tab. Under the ‘Skills’ section, you can click ‘Communication’. The link expands and provides a definition of the skill in addition to the number of questions you have omitted, and your correct and incorrect answers. You can also expand all the links for reading your report on all the skills and collapse them using the ‘Expand all’ and ‘Collapse all’ links provided.

The ‘Next Steps’ Practice and Improve link takes you to the My SAT Study Plan. The study plan is especially helpful because you can practice questions pertaining to a particular skill based on the level of difficulty. You can also read up on the test-taking strategies for each section. For example, advice for the critical reading section includes working on sentence completion questions first, marking questions that you do not answer, and so on.

Viewing your PSAT scores online is advantageous because you have instant access to all the information you need. At a click, you can view the skill-set required for each section as well as know about your performance in that area. Thus, you receive a comprehensive report about your performance in the PSAT test. The My Online Score Report enables you to review your score report. You can analyze each question, your incorrect answers and their explanations, as well as understand the level of preparedness for a skill. You can use this analysis for preparing for the SAT test.

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