PSAT Score Results

How to Interpret PSAT Results

The PSAT is one of the important standardized tests taken by many high school students each year. The PSAT test has many facets:

  • The PSAT test is a qualifying test for achieving scholarships.
  • It is also a test to determine your readiness for college.
  • It begins your journey into identifying colleges and courses.
  • The PSAT test is a test that estimates what your SAT scores will be.

The PSAT test is advantageous for many other reasons as well. For example, by preparing for the PSAT test, you prepare for the SAT too. Hence, when you prepare for the SAT test, you only need to skim through the topics because you have already prepared them for the PSAT test. It is a good idea to take the test early so that you can appear for a retest. However, research and statistics have shown that retaking the test more than once does not result in a significant increase in scores. Thus, your first attempt is always your best attempt. Therefore, you must invest your time and focus wisely on preparing for the PSAT test in order to gain above average PSAT score results.

For more information about the PSAT test, see the College Board website:

What is Included in the PSAT Test Results

The PSAT score results include a variety of helpful information. The information ranges from your actual scores to a comparison of how well you have fared compared to other students who took the test. The information is helpful because you can judge your performance and estimate your chances of being selected for the scholarship program. The PSAT score results include information about your scores in the respective sections:

  • Critical Reading
  • Math Section
  • Writing Skills Section

The following table is an indicative list of the PSAT scores.


PSAT Scores

Critical Reading


Writing Skills


















In addition, your PSAT score results also include other helpful information, such as:

  • National Percentile
  • Score Range
  • Selection Index (critical reading + mathematics + writing skills scores)

The percentile in your score report is calculated from your total score received in each section of the test. Thus, the raw scores are calculated first, based on the number of correct responses and marks deducted for incorrect answers. The scores from the Critical Reading sections, Math sections, and Writing Skills section are added to form the raw score. The raw score is mapped to the percentile on the PSAT scale. The following table lists sample PSAT percentiles.



Critical Reading


Writing Skills













For more information about the PSAT score conversion tables, see the Understanding PSAT NMSQT Scores booklet. You can download the booklet from the College Board site

How and Where to See the Results

The PSAT score results are published in December each year. The PSAT score results are sent to your school. Your school provides you with the PSAT/NMSQT score report along with the test booklet. In case you do not receive your PSAT score results by mid-January, you can meet your school counselor to enquire about your PSAT score results. The PSAT/NMSQT program does not provide copies of the PSAT score report. However, your school will have a copy of the report.

PSAT Score Results as a Guiding Factor

Apart from applying for scholarship programs, your PSAT score results help you to identify your academic abilities and your overall preparedness for the SAT test. PSAT score results are a significant part of your larger goal, which is, taking the SAT test. PSAT score results are a comprehensive analysis of your academic aptitude and preparedness to take the SAT. If interpreted well, it can help you immensely to focus on areas you are weak. This propels you to study harder and thereby achieve better results in the SAT test.

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