Accessing PSAT Scores Through Internet

Availability and Utility of Online PSAT Scores

PSAT Scores

The test consists of three sections which are all separately scored. The scores are evaluated on a scale of 60-240 score points with each individual section being separately scored on a scale of 20-80 points. Generally, the test is administered in the month of October every year. The results will be made available for everyone by early December and you can view your score online till the February of the following year. The scores are reported in a very detailed format giving you details of the percentiles, grade averages, Selection Indices and more to help you understand your performance in a more detailed fashion. You actually cannot apply online but can view your test result online.

How and Where Can You View Your Scores Online?

You can view your scores from ‘My College Quick Start’ which is a feature provided by the College Board free of cost to all the students who take the test. You can visit the following link to get access to view your scores online.

Here, you will be asked for student access code which is a unique code that will help you get access to your scores. You can get your student access code once your paper score report will be shipped to you by the College Board. Your unique student access code can be found on your paper score report. Alternately, you can also view your PSAT score online if you have already registered for the SAT. If you register for SAT online, you will be given access to your ‘My SAT Account’ with a unique ‘username’ and ‘password’. You can use those username and password details to view your PSAT score. Otherwise, there will also be an option for you to sign up right from this page.

How Are Online PSAT Scores Useful for You?

Your score report offer you a thorough study of your performance in the test. It present to you your scores, skills, answers, National Merit Scholarship Corporation Programs, benefits from My College Quick Start and the next steps to be taken by you to either study well ahead. By accessing your score online, you can get the following benefits.

  • You can get access to "My Online Score Report" which is a highly improved score report analysis that helps you review each test question, the answers you have attempted and the correct answers to all those corresponding questions with detailed explanations.

  • You can access "My Study Plan which" is a fully personalized study plan for SAT. It is modeled based upon your performance in the PSAT/NMSQT. It helps you to clearly know the areas in which you require more review and practice to perform better.

  • You can view "My Personality report" which is a highly detail-oriented personality test which helps you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. You can also learn and discover majors and careers that can perfectly suit your positives and negatives. It gives you a detailed explanation regarding how you can improve your strengths and put a check to your weaknesses.

  • You can access "My Major and Career Matches" which will help you learn extensively about the majors and career options prevailing. It presents to you a detailed insight into what courses to take and guides you about what to anticipate.

  • You can also access "My College Matches" which provides you with the list of colleges that match your preferences which include your home state and the choice of major that you indicated.