PSAT Scholarship Requirements

How and Who Can Avail PSAT Scholarship

The PSAT Scholarship Requirements:

The PSAT or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) is an eleventh-grader’s passport to achieve scholarship programs for his higher studies in colleges. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) gives out 55000 scholarships each year to students who are competing for it. There are some PSAT scholarship requirements which you must have in order to compete. In this article we shall discuss the PSAT scholarship requirements, together with the process of selecting the deserving candidates for the scholarship.

It is only the high school students who enter the competition for the NMSC. The PSAT/NMSQT works as a qualifying test for more than 1.5 million test-takers who sits for PSAT. These entrants become qualifiers for the NMSC programs, by meeting all the norms and criteria, set by the NMSC. In addition to the PSAT/NMSQT scores, test-takers’ GPA is also considered as an eligibility criteria for the NMSC programs. The important PSAT scholarship requirements are discussed in the following sub-sections:

  • A student must take the PSAT or the NMSQT on the particular year of his high school program. He must not take the PSAT any later than the third year. It means that a test-taker must sit for the PSAT within his ninth and the twelfth grade. It is important to note, that the test-taker can only compete for the scholarship, based on his score in his eleventh grade. This convention is irrespective of any kind of grade classification or educational structure.

  • The test-taker, who is enrolling himself for the NMSC programs, must be a high school student. He must advance systematically towards his high school completion and should aim at his graduation, after his completion of the high school. He must plan to enroll for college after he has finished his high school courses. He must plan to enroll in college, no later than the season of fall, following his culmination of high school. This is one of the most important PSAT scholarship requirements.

  • The test-taker must be lawfully a citizen of the United States. He must be a legitimate and a permanent US resident. Or he must have applied for permanent residency of the US and his application has not been denied. Or, he must aim or propose to become a permanent member of the US, at the earliest chance, granted by the law.

    Note: if you are still not a citizen of the United States, you should click at the documents and requirements, which you need in order to become a US resident. Citizenship is the next most important PSAT scholarship requirements you must have before applying for NMSC programs.

How and Who Can Appeal for the PSAT Scholarships?

It is the test-taker’s scores and responses to questions in the PSAT which determine whether a student is eligible for the scholarship programs. The PSAT scholarship requirements are no doubt important, but a test-taker must cross the basic score level of 201 to consider himself eligible for the NMSC program. US states have their own respective cut-off scores. The test-takers from each state must cross this cut-off score in order to compete. The score report of the student, hence decides whether the student is eligible for the PSAT scholarship. The school from which the student takes PSAT also decides his eligibility. However, in case a student meets all the PSAT scholarship requirements and even then his application for scholarship is turned down, the concerned student and the school authority must bring the matter to the knowledge of the NMSC officials.

Hence, the above article shows how the PSAT scholarship requirements are important and how an appeal for the NMSC programs is processed. You must remember that the scholarship procedure occurs in several steps. It starts from selecting the Commended Students who gets a Selection Index (SI, or the aggregate of scores of all three PSAT sections) less than that required for being a semi-finalist for NMSC programs. The Commended students do not continue the competition for NMSC scholarships. However, they might be offered Special Scholarships by other corporations or programs. The semi-finalists, the top-scorers of PSAT from their respective states, compete for the NMSC programs. Eventually, the finalists, the 15000 approx top-scorers of PSAT, are declared as the winners of the NMSC scholarships.

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