PSAT Schedule

How Does Your PSAT Schedule Depend on PSAT Test Dates and Locations?

PSAT is a test administered by the College Board for screening the high school students to provide scholarships to them as part of the scholarship competition organized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). PSAT is administered by the College Board only twice in a year, usually in the month of October. PSAT for the year 2011 has already been administered. The dates on which the PSAT in the year 2011 was administered are: 12 October, Wednesday and 15 October, Saturday.

PSAT Schedule

You must prepare an ideal PSAT schedule keeping the test dates, preparation time in mind. The PSAT schedule for the year 2012 has already been released by the College Board. The test dates for the PSAT 2012 are as follows:

  • 17 October, 2012, Wednesday.
  • 20 October, 2012, Saturday.

Depending upon the test dates, you must prepare a suitable PSAT schedule for your preparation as well as for your testing.

Where Will PSAT Be Administered?

PSAT is offered by the high schools in your local community which are members of the College Board. Hence, the procedures for both PSAT registration as well as testing are quite different from that of the SAT. You must get registered at any high school in your local community that will offer the test or else you can get registered in your school provided that it administers the test on behalf of the College Board. So, depending upon your convenience and your PSAT schedule, you must approach the right school for carrying on your registration procedures.

How Your Schedule Gets Affected?

Based upon the PSAT schedule released by the College Board for the following year, your PSAT schedule would be affected. But you must not get disturbed and must plan your preparation and other procedures like registration etc. Following mentioned are some important points to be kept in your mind while undergoing through the process of PSAT registration.

  • Out of both the test dates in the PSAT schedule 2012 released by the College Board, each College Board member high school would be allowed to administer the test on only any one test date. So, you must be ahead in choosing the high school in your community that is convenient to you. For this reason, you must start your process of signing up for PSAT way before 2012 PSAT schedule of test dates.
  • This is because, if you choose a particular test date that is convenient for you to take the test and then approach the nearest school to you, there might be chances that the school doesn’t administer the test on the date you’ve chosen. It is better that you first choose the test date and then go search for the schools in your locale that administer the test and then shortlist the ones that would be more feasible for you.
  • Furthermore, there are some additional relaxation services provided by the College Board like the fee waiver service and reservation based services. To avail them you must plan way ahead. In order to avail those services, College Board advises that you start planning your registration procedures by early June. You can visit the following link to know more about the fee waiver services in detail:
  • You can visit the following link to request for a fee waiver.
  • Also, there can be other factors like hailing from countries other than the USA, being home-schooled students. In such cases it requires you to start your registration procedures as early as possible.
  • You can view all the PSAT test dates and deadlines information at the following link for more information.

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