Understanding PSAT Results

When and Where Are PSAT Results Declared?

The PSAT is administered twice in a year generally in the month of October. In the current academic year (2011), it had been administered on the third Saturday of October (October 15, 2011) and on the preceding Wednesday (October 12, 2011). You can find all the information regarding the test dates, deadlines and fees on the page of the following specified link:


When Are PSAT Results Declared?

Once you take this exam, it is natural that you will feel very anxious and excited about the results which will be announced by the time of early December. You can view them online starting from their release by the early December till February of the following year.

Where Do You View Your PSAT Results?

Your results will be sent to the school you study at. Hence by early December, you can contact your school principal to know your results. They will arrive at your school with all the following reports. The College Board sends two sets of reports to your school of which one set is distributed to you and the other one will be kept on record. Your school also receives a roster of student scores and plans. As specified by the College Board, this roster is a one stop information source about all the students and it includes scores, percentiles, Selection Index, Eligibility for National Merit Scholarship Corporation Programs, Grade Average, College Major, student access codes for ‘My College Quick Start’ and Educator Access codes. Also, there is another report called ‘School Summary Report’ which is issued for free to the schools in which there were more than 50 junior students and/or 50 sophomores who took the test. If this is not available to you, you can obtain it by paying a fee of US $30. For more information regarding this, you can follow the following link:


PSAT Results Online

All the students who have taken the test can have a free access to online results which can be viewed from ‘My College Quick Start’. You can follow the following given link to view your scores online:


The above given link leads to the ‘My College Quick Start’ home where you will have to either enter the access code to get your results or can login through your College Board account. The code that you would require to see your results will be available on paper score report. However, you can otherwise view your results directly from your College Board account by entering your unique user name and password.

What Can You Know from Your PSAT Results?

The results give you detailed information regarding your section-wise scores, grade-specific percentiles, information regarding the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), an assessment of your skills, your answers and explanations and regarding the further steps to be taken to improve your performance and competence. You can refer to the following link to know more about the summary of answers and skills.


Following mentioned are the points that stress the importance of results.

  • If you are a junior, then you can compare your performance in relation to that of the students who belong to your grade. If you are tenth grade or belong to younger grade, then you can compare your scores with the scores of other students from the tenth or younger grades.

  • Very importantly, your scores would help you assess your performance and competence levels to estimate the effort you would have to put in while you prepare for SAT. Furthermore, the College Board also will help you in this pursuit.