Accessing PSAT Results Online

How to Obtain Your PSAT Results Online?

The PSAT is administered in the month of October generally. It is administered only twice, both the dates belonging to the month of October. The results for the test administered in the month of October of a particular year will be made available by early December of the same year. Since then you can check your results online till the February month of the following year. Basically, you cannot register for the test online. You will have to sign up from a high school in your local community. Although you do not apply online, you can view your results online.

How to Obtain PSAT Results Online?

You can obtain your them online from the ‘My College Quick Start’ portal. You can visit the following link to enter the portal.

On the page that you will be directed to, you will be asked to enter Student Access Codes. The code is a number which is a unique combination and is provided to you on your paper score report which will arrive at your high school as soon as the results are declared. Entering this unique code, you will get access to view your results. If your paper score report hasn’t yet arrived due to postal delays or for some other reason, you can access your results even then provided that you have signed up for SAT online. If you have signed up for SAT online, then you will have your dedicated ‘My SAT Account’ with your unique ‘username’ and ‘password’. By entering these unique details, you can access your results online.

What Does Your PSAT Test Results Contain?

The results are made more informative for the students to know more in detail about their performances rather than just the simple numbers they obtain. It is evaluated on a total score scale of 60-240. The sum of the individual scores you obtain is called as Selection Index which is used as a first step for screening the students for the scholarship competition organized by the NMSC. The results, shipped to your school by the College Board, will arrive as a Roster of students scores and plans that will contain your scores, percentiles, Selection Index, your eligibility status for the scholarship competition organized by the National Merit Scholarship Competition, grade average, College Majors, access codes for ‘My College Quick Start’ portal to view your results online.

Score Report Plus gives you information regarding your scores, ranges, percentiles, your skills, the answers you’ve marked in the examination, correct answers with explanations for your future reference and what to do next. Furthermore, if you view your results through ‘My College Quick Start’ portal, you will have other supportive reports such as My Online Score Report, My SAT Study Plan, My Personality, My Majors and Career Matches, My College Matches for a better understanding of the numbers you’ve obtained.

How and Where to See the Results?

You can either view your results from the paper score report or online. Additionally, if there are more than 50 juniors and/or 50 sophomores who take the test from your school, you will receive School Summary Report for free. Else, you will have to request an order for US $ 30. Furthermore, there are other score reports like Summary of Answers and Skills reports, Optional Reports, Skills Reporting Tools for a better understanding of the scores you obtain. You can find more information regarding the scoring methods from the following link: